Friday, May 16, 2014

Thrift Roundup

Well, thrifting for Pyrex has been a total bust lately. All that I find these days are lids, usually expensive lids at that. But these were 49 cents a piece, so I scooped them up.

Also really happy to find my first bubble lights. No date on the package, but they look 1980's-ish to me? These will be on my tree this year if they are all working. I haven't tried them all 3 strings out yet, just the one (which worked fine but was missing one) due to the pain-in-the-toosh factor of removing them from their individual little cubbie holes, plugging them in, holding them upright to get them bubbling, then carefully placing them back in their packaging. Just lighting the one strand took me and the husband both, they just would not bubble hanging upside down.

So this next item, a clock, may just be the kind of thing only a mother could love. Or me. Cause I'm nuts?

This is a molded plastic, faux wood, faux window, country barn scene clock. It works, too. There is even a faux tree painted on the faux window. My first thought when I saw it was, it would look so cute painted white. Is that even true? Or have I fallen into some thrift-induced object dysmorphia that sees beauty that isn't actually there? 

Oh, and here's something else totally 1980's and totally wood grain:
Two more Heartland items I didn't have - a towel bar/paper towel holder thingy, and the 3rd set of salt & pepper shakers I've picked up, all different. Both of the shakers are setting off OCD I wasn't even aware that I had, because the pattern isn't lined up beneath the S or P, and is only on one side so there's nothing you can do about it other than just accept that if you collect Heartland, your pieces are going to be a little wonky. And maybe, just maybe, you're just a bit wonky yourself ;-)

These are my husband's finds. He's not going to blog about them, so I will. He has an Andre the Giant that is just like the Hulk Hogan. He scored the Hogan for a buck. Wish we'd find duplicates of both of them so he'd finally use them. Ever since breaking his prized McCoy Star Trek glass, I think he's afraid to use any more of his favorites. Poor guy! I was in the kitchen when the McCoy glass broke. He just went to set it down on the table, normally, and it just shattered like he had Hulk strength.The dangers of collecting vintage glassware. Sometimes glass just breaks, no matter how careful you are with it :-(

And finally, I picked up this set of Woodland Corelle with Pyrex teacups at an unusual Sunday yard sale, day after Mother's Day. I have a problem I think. This stuff used to be so plentiful around here just a few years ago. At Goodwill, I'd find the teacups for 29 cents, plates for 99 cents or less, and everything else some price in between. I bought a lot of it, got overwhelmed with it all, and donated it back to another thrift store.

Now this stuff is getting hard to find and expensive when I do. I guess I have a now-or-never mentality about it when I do find it for cheap. Purchase in haste, repent in leisure? I don't know. I like the pattern on Corelle. On a white background - as opposed to white on brown or caramel - the pattern seems understated. Now I'm finding myself wanting a cabinet just for my Corelle, and I'm positively marveling at myself that I am.

Hope you're finding great Junk this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. That clock is definitely unique, lol.

    Love your husbands Hogan glass. Would love to have one! A lot of the stuff I don't like using unless I have a backup... for obvious reasons.

    The Woodland pattern isn't too common around here. The Butterfly Gold & Spring Blossom ones are. I don't know if they are the Corelle names (sorry, don't collect it!). You can find the BG any day of the week! I buy full casseroles just for the lids. They set me back a few dollars, but hey, what you gonna do? I can't find them alone around here in the 043 size.

  2. I am totally guilty of buying things at the thrift out of desperation to buy something. You gotta do what you gotta do though! Glad you found more pieces for your Heartland collection :-)