Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birthday shopping

We didn't get to go out last weekend for my birthday, so we rescheduled to yesterday. Low and behold, I found some more pieces to my Snowflake Blue Corelle set I've been building lately. This is the 1 quart bowl, 2 quart bowl and the oval platter (it doesn't look very oval in the picture, but it is). I also picked up the oval platter in Butterfly Gold for my mom's set.

These were pretty cheap - and one of the more unusual Corning Ware patterns I don't see often. This is the green version of Medallion. There is also a blue version. calls these Shell Oil promotional pieces. These and Country Festival are the patterns I'm actually collecting, though I've also managed to amass a stock of Wildflower I don't know if I'm keeping or not. I already collect enough Pyrex to run Corning Ware out of the kitchen, trouble is, I like them both. I just need a bigger kitchen!

These were my Pyrex finds for the day:
I love the vivid orange Daisy 403 bowl. And the best thing about it is it finishes my set!

The larger-sized pressed flowers casserole also finishes something of a set as well. Again, according to, these casseroles were the first pieces of promotional Pyrex that featured a pattern.
And these were my two biggest SQUEEEEEEE's for the day:
I have this set plus spares already, but it took me YEARS to complete that very first set. Plus I paid a good bit for that last piece because it was the last one I needed. So now I find the whole set at once, with lids, for what I think is a fantastic price - $29.75 (35 minus a 15% discount). No way I was going to leave without them.

And speaking of Pink Gooseberry, I've been actively searching for this pattern in particular and buying anything I find even remotely reasonably priced because it's the other pattern besides Butterfly Gold that my mom really loves. I've bought nearly everything I can get my hands on, in triplicate - one for me, one for mom, and when I find it again, a spare for either of us.

That said, yesterday, I could have come out of my shoes at the prices I saw. I saw more Pink Gooseberry in a single store than I've seen the whole time I've collected, and other than my surprisingly cheap complete fridgie set I just bought, the prices were NUTSY BUGGO. A greatest hits of Pyrex prices I saw was a set of Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowls for $175, two different sets for $199 each, and get this one - a Daisy divided dish for 99 dollars.

I also saw some fair prices on pieces I kind of hated to leave behind, but that's not unusual either. All in all, I really didn't see anything uncommon. And though I got some great deals, I still feel like if I'm ever going to have a Starburst or a Rooster space saver or Pink Butterprint someone is going to have to deliver it to my doorstep. Pyrex prices are definitely in a state of flux right now. Some dealers seem to be pricing it the same as years past and some seem to think they're going to get rich off of it.

And one final SQEEE:
My second piece of Cathrineholm! And I found it at Goodwill for 2.99!!

It has a touch of damage on the handle, but is in good condition. I love it, I love Cathrineholm, I just can't do the online prices. But I'll very happily treasure the rare and few pieces I find afforably.

That's all for my belated Birthday treasures.

Wishing all you Moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day. Moms make the world go round!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I bought my sister the Rooster Space Saver with the lid and cradle for Christmas a couple of years ago and I $60 for it on eBay which I don't think is too terrible of a price. Then I found my very own set at an antique mall for $18! The price differences on Pyrex are CRAZY!!

    I am so happy that you got some great pieces that you wanted for your birthday! I especially love the Pressed Flowers!

    Have a great week,


  2. Look at that those beautiful pyrex finds!