Friday, April 25, 2014

Paying the price

I paid the antique store price for these guys. Had them already but one had some dishwasher damage and the other has some knicks in the pattern. So these replaced them.
I've seen the red 402 a couple of times that I wasn't willing to buy - once, it was dishwashed and still 10 bucks. The other time, totally scratchy and 22 dollars. No thanks. And I've never seen the big orange 404 bowl that would complete the set.

So for now, my 'set' is a made-up one. The 402 is from the reverse primary.
I like this version. It's something cool to do with the primary red 404 that has no other pieces to go with.

And finally, why if it isn't The Weight Saint himself, Richard Simmons. This magazine was waiting for me in an antique store at the curious price of one dollar and twenty five cents.

This issue is from 1981. It mentions the fact that his show was up against Donahue and sometimes beat him in the ratings!

And I've fallen off the wagon of doing my daily Richard workout. Broke down and did one yesterday - probably guilt-induced exercising triggered by the purchase of this magazine :-)

Tomorrow, assuming I can drag both myself and the hubs out of bed, we'll try to do some yard sale-ing. I hate to say I'm not optimistic, but I'm definitely not holding my breath.

Hope you are finding snazzy stuff!

Happy Thrifting!

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