Sunday, January 26, 2014

A hodge podge of finds from the last week or so

This little ivory Fire King shaker is the only thing I came home with from an exhausting auction (that's usually pretty hit-or-miss for us anyway). Still, it's always a bummer when you stick it out to the end, just to have someone with deep pockets buy up the bargain boxes before anyone else gets a chance.

I'm about 99% sure this should have had a tulip lid, but you never know. I've never heard of Fire King shakers turning up as Kraft mustard containers before. It's likely a marriage someone threw together. The shaker top is a very standard size, and is typically interchangeable between a variety of glassware items from this same period, from commercial containers, like mustard, to other manufacturer's shakers & syrup dispensers, such as Gemco or Federal Housewares.
Next up, my two thrift store finds. My husband (who is lame and will not blog about his goodies) was the clear winner of thrift scores, having bought a record number of records. Forty five 45's to be precise. He keeps telling me he's going to sell this one or that one, I'll believe it when I see it. He's a big KISS fan, he scored a picture disc that seems to be going for about what he paid for the entire lot, so I'm happy for him.

Too good to be true, I found another piece of Pyrex in the same thrift, same exact spot I found my last piece! Again, more than I wanted to pay, but who can resist a sunny orange Daisy refrigerator dish? :-)

In another thrift, I found this uncommon Wheat pattern. I love petite pans anyway, so I'm always happy to find an unusual one. I had to get out my Pyrex wheat 023 to take a picture of them together. That's when I realized the images were reversed.

And finally, despite the horrible weather yesterday - bitter cold and spitting snow- I needed an antique store fix. And I'm glad I did! Friendship, Daisy & Butterprint all in the same day. Such cheerful colors on a cold grey day.

The Friendship oval casserole came with a plain lid. I sure would like one of the decorated lids to replace it with sometime. I'm halfway kicking myself for passing up an overpriced DWD version of this lid from GW about a million years ago. I wouldn't buy it and neither would anyone else, so it stayed for-ev-er and finally disappeared. Now, of course, I would have used it as a placeholder. Oh well. I'll find one some day.

The daisy casserole didn't have a lid at all. Luckily, I had a gorgeous one waiting in my lid stash. I love decorated opal lids. They are just so cheerful. I wish all my Pyrex finds were such happy colors.

And finally, a Butterprint fridgie that I so don't really need, but so couldn't resist for $5.99. I've mentioned this several times here, so forgive the repetion, but my husband says I "have a sickness for Butterprint".

Hope the weather is friendlier where you are. Stay warm, stay safe & stay thrifty!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I have actually been guilty of buying Pyrex that I would normally leave behind due to sheer desperation to bring something home! It's just that time of year. Thankfully, I went to my first estate sale of the year the other day so hopefully things will start to pick up soon. So sad that your Fire King shaker is missing it's original lid. You never know, you may find a lone lid someday!

    Have an awesome week!