Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrift roundup

This Butterfly Gold Pyrex casserole is the first piece of Pyrex I've come across at a thrift in while now. Coming across it was a pleasant surprise, especially since it wasn't in a normal glassware area. I suspect someone picked it up and decided against it later. My only disappointment was the 6.99 price tag. More than I wanted to pay, but still, it was a piece I wanted and didn't have, so I had to get it.
This Fire King piece sparked a mystery that I'm going to post about later when I take some more pictures. Stay tuned!

(I'm sure you are positively on the edge of your seats about it, lol ;-)
Yay! Snowflake Blue Corelle. I was just saying here the other day that I'd love to build a set of this pattern. It's not a lot, but it's a start! I'm pretty pleased this little grouping included the hook-handle cream & sugar (no lid though). I sure wish this pattern had nice Pyrex teacups to go with it, but alas those weren't made for some reason (and if I'm wrong about that, send me a link to them, pretty please). The only two styles I'm certain were made were these hook-handled teacups and C-handled teacups in Centura - which is not microwaveable - that's my complaint against it.

I started off absolutely hating these hook-handled Corelle mugs, but I've changed my mind about them. They are microwaveable - which beats Centura, in my book. And they just feel comfortable to drink from. I've been on a hot tea kick since flu season, so these guys will see lots of use!
Oh these kittens. Me and the kitchy wall art! I couldn't pass up these little shadow cats at 99 cents apiece!
Nor could I pass up these pups. They haven't even had a bath yet, but I had to include them in this post. They were just too sweet at a mere 49 cents a piece.
REPRODUCTION Tulips on Jadite batter bowl. NEW GLASS.
And finally, I picked this up at a neighboring antique store. This piece is Brand new Reproduction Jadite. Normally, I'd call this a "Fantasy piece" because it's a configuration that never existed in vintage, but this style batter bowl DOES exist in MARKED Fire King Jadeite. It was just never, to my knowledge, available with a decal of ANY pattern, much less the well-known Tulip pattern.

I bought this piece, knowing full well it was a repro, but it's one of the rare times that a repro has really spoken to me. I think it's a nice, useable piece, and I plan on collecting the other pieces that have been reproduced in the style of the original Fire King Tulips pattern. These reproduction pieces include a splash-proof mixing bowl (only the one size that I'm aware of), the splash-proof style grease jar & shaker set (silver lids on these guys), and a measuring cup that I believe is a knock-off of an original Hazel Atlas shape (I may be wrong about that - Anchor Hocking, Hazel Atlas, Jeannette and other companies produced some very similarly shaped measuring cups, it can be hard to tell them apart).

Hope you're finding fabulous treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I have one of the original vintage Fire King Jadeite batter bowls. I bought it at an antique mall for $13 and use it every single time I bake. You will love yours!