Friday, January 3, 2014

More pretties - a recap of what I failed to post in 2013

These lovelies are marked Brookmark melamine mixing bowls. I am assuming they are the largest size - approximately 5 quarts would be my guess. They were a local splurge, 10 dollars each. The pink was coming home with me no matter what, but I hemmed and hawed a bit over the blue/beige. In the end, I just couldn't pass them up. It's rare that I see a confetti bowl for less than 30 dollars or so.
This is literally every melamine mixing bowl I own - both new and vintage. The bottom and top bowls are new Zak! designs I picked up pretty cheaply at Tuesday Morning. I believe this color is called Bluebell and that it's being discontinued. The large bowl is insanely large. I think it's 7 quarts? You can buy a 4 piece set and nest it inside this bowl. (I tested this theory out in a JC Penney the other day, lol). Going up from there are my two new vintage Brookpark. Then 3 in a row are Rachael Ray garbage bowls in orange, Fennel, and red. An unmarked beige-y one is hiding above the red RR, then a marked pink-ish Texas Ware bowl I scored for 99 cents at GW, and finally on top is a lidded Zak bowl. I like the addition of the new style melamine with the older vintage bowls. They add a lot of color that either didn't exist originally or is otherwise rare/pricey in the original vintage.

Next up, a couple of Christmas presents from the hubs. I failed to get a picture of this Fiesta measuring set before I unfastened the million little twisties they attached them to the box with. It reminded me of when I'd get a new doll for Christmas, couldn't wait to play with it, but it had seven hundred different twisty things holding it to the package. I love, love, love the spatulas, I really needed them too. I like the measuring cups and spoons, but they remind me of kids play keys! They are even the same colors. I like a lot of the new Fiesta accessories, I just have a few complaints about them. One is that they are going overboard on the Roy G. Biv and two, they've gotten a lot of props lately for being Made in the USA, tv shoutouts, magazine articles, etc. So what do they do but unleash a wave of stuff made overseas. Of course, if I'm buying it, I'm also a part of the problem, you know? But damn it, Jim, I really nnneeeeeeeeedddded those spatulas.... ;-)
And finally, my husband bought me the Sandalwood 470 casserole set for Christmas. Pyrex for Christmas! That's a first in this house. He also bought me two Horizon Blue mixing bowls that he let me open early!
Sandalwood Complete!
Officially, this is the complete line of Sandalwood. Just 7 little pieces. But special magical faerie people also own sets of refrigerator dishes and a butter dish. These were not regular production items. It's also a mystery to me why there wasn't a 480 set along with the 470's. There probably is, but only the high dollar Pyrex Pirates have it. I'll consider my Sandalwood collection complete when I have the striped mixing bowl set completed. These, along with the Berries 024 are all the pieces I know for sure to be this special Sandalwood color. There's an oval casserole called Spices that may be this same shade, but I've never seen it to tell for sure. It may be closer to the light caramel shade from Woodland.

Anyway, I love Sandalwood, and I'm touched that this is what my husband picked out for me. I think he remembered a trip we took when I bought the middle sized casserole and dropped it in the antique store parking lot - to this day, the only piece of Pyrex I've ever broken. I was so disappointed. He's so sweet to have bought me a replacement. I love it, and him, too. (hearts)

Anyways, I'm finally starting to get caught up to 2014!

Hope you're finding fabulousities & fantasticals in this bright new year.

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Love the bright Fiesta ware! I hav never seen the confetti bowls before- very interesting :)

  2. Your Sandalwood looks beautiful! It sure was a very thoughtful Christmas gift!

  3. I'm not normally a fan of the Sandalwood but your sets totally changed my mind. They look awesome together! Fingers crossed you find those striped bowls. I can just picture how they will look.