Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A few thrift store finds

Yesterday was one of those days I spotted something cool well before I got to it - this adorable unmarked Bartlett-Collins red clown cookie jar!

I have a few other BC cookie jars, but none this size or this pattern. This one is just a touch smaller than my flower power style ones. All but one of mine were thrift store finds. I think the floral ones gained some attention from being background decor on the set of Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals (The BC cookie jars sit on top of her refrigerator).

Yesterday, I found enough stuff that I had to ask the hub to go grab a cart. My hands were full of precious glassware. (Excuses, excuses, right? lol)

Which brings me to the question: When you thrift, do you get a cart when you first walk in or do you just head straight for you areas of interest?

Personally, I feel like having a cart just slows me down. In some thrift stores it's hard enough to get through the aisles with nothing but just yourself. Plus, there's many times I leave completely empty-handed, or with just a small handful. No need for a cart.

It's also a huge pet peeve of mine that there are aisle hogs who can somehow stretch themselves and their carts to completely monopolize a section half the length of a football field. They are the same folks who also feel the need to flip over and inspect every single item on the shelf.

In polite company, I call these people "Plate Flippers", meaning, they don't really know what they are looking for except for things that look to them like they are worth money. They are looking for names, marks, anything that will slap them up-side the head with a brand name they think they can take to the bank.

But I digress. Here's the rest of the lovely loot:

This neat stripe pitcher, happily, was just 2 dollars, and my husband found this cute Hints from Heloise 3 book set for just 99 cents.

The crazy daisy Spring Blossom Pyrex shaker is a single, but I believe I have an odd number of these anyway, so all's well that ends well.

Hope you are finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. No buggy for me - it's straight to my shopping areas! If my hands become full, then a pull basket is in order. This is a rare occasion. There used to be one thrift that had Pyrex galore, so much that I would grab a pull basket as soon as I walked in, but not anymore. I assume the dealers posting on Kijiji out of that city are now picking it all up.

    & yes, buggy people. I don't mind moving their buggy for them to get where I need to go, especially when they don't move after.I say excuse me.

  2. No cart for me either - if I need one, I go and get one, but that's rare, especially these days when there doesn't seem to be anything half decent to buy!

    Love that cookie jar!!! And the pitcher is pretty nice too!!