Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thrift Score!

Love my new Corningware pieces. The top piece is a fairly recently discontinued pattern called "My Garden". I liked the butterfly. I also have a thing for novel Corningware pieces. I usually sell the Cornflower Blue & Spice O Life pieces I come across. They seem to have much more of a collector fan base than Corningware in general. But I keep the cute, odd, not-quite-vintage pieces I come across, like these guys.

I love love love the bottom piece, "Strawberry Sundae". It's one of those patterns I would snap up if I ever found the matching Corelle. It came out around the same time as two of my other favorites, "Meadow" & "Wildflower". These patterns share the same non-patterned pieces, like saucers & bowls. So if I ever find plain lime band, they technically match all 3 patterns.
Pardon the non-flattering photo, but this was my single biggest one day Pyrex thrift haul! I couldn't believe it!

First I spotted the old style, unnumbered primaries. Just the two of them. Then I saw the Strawberry Sundae Corningware. Then my husband picked up the yellow hostess bowl. And I was like "GO GET A CART!!!". And my husband about set down the piece of Corningware in his hands. And I whisper-screamed "take it with you!!!!!" because my arms were already full of Pyrex and I realized that I was also seeing a 2 quart flamingo baker hiding in a basketweave holder and I couldn't even grab because my arms were so full! 

Oh my God, I was so pumped full of adrenaline. I was a 'roided out Pyrex athlete gone wild! It was all I could do to wait for hubs to get back with the cart. I set everything down, giving it a chip/damage check. Then turned around to see 4 discontinued Cinnabar Fiesta dinner plates on the shelf directly behind me!

NO. STINKING. WAY.    Pyrex, Fiesta & Corningware in the same trip? Are you kidding me?

I walked around. Rechecked the dishes isle twice more. (Can't hurt, right? Specially on a day like that!)

In the end, I paid an average of 5 dollars apiece. Not terrible, but not yard sale prices. I'm okay with it though. I didn't even realize at the time, but that's the first time in 3 years of collecting that I've even seen a flamingo baker in person. I know flamingo and lime green are considered the most common of all the colors, but all I've ever found in real life have been the lime and a Desert Dawn yellow. And I've still never seen the smaller size one in ANY color. So not common to me, I guess you'd say.

And finally, the original intent was that we were going out to a Saturday night auction. I didn't have too high hopes because neither my husband nor I saw anything in the preview that was of strong interest.

This was my one buy of the night, a 7 inch beaded edge Fire King jadeite bowl. These were sold as 3 piece sets, open stock and as 6 piece kitchen sets with jadeite shakers and a grease jar topped with a tulip litho. This is the largest bowl of the 3 piece set, but relative to other bowls it's pretty tiny. (Think a 402 Pyrex bowl). I have the matching shakers, so slowly but surely I'm working up to the complete range set.

Hope you are finding awesome thrifty scores!

Happy Hunting!


  1. If I had a day like you had, I would be a very happy girl! That should hopefully hold you over for a while:-)


    1. You'd think. But I'm a junky, once is never enough. Today, I went back to the scene of the crime (my local Goodwill, lol), just in case..... No new Pyrex, but I did score a Lite Brite from my childhood for 3 bucks! :-)