Monday, July 1, 2013

Thrift, Flea & Antique Scores

Now this is outside my normal thrift stuff, but really, who could resist a Bruce Lee calender for 49 cents?! The cashier complained that calenders were supposed to be 99 cents. I thought that making a big deal out of two quarters was silly. Who knows, maybe they priced it half off because half the year is already over. Hmmphff.

Anyway. The man is a sexy beast. I'll look at him alllll year long. Haha :-)

Next up, from Bruce Lee to ......chickens???

Yep, someone obviously had the same taste in kitchen decor as I.

The ceramic items are 1980's-90's items I collect. The pattern, I've recently discovered, is called "Country Calico"  (thank you for mystery-revealing original package ebay auctions!). I have quite a wide-ranging collection - from tin recipe boxes & canisters to ceramics, tile sets, cups, etc. But these items are almost never marked. Not with a name or even a manufacturer. It's only through original packaging I've discovered the actual pattern name. When they are marked, the marks vary from JSNY  to Artmark, to the ubiquitous "Made in Taiwan" sticker.

The Pyrex bowls are antique store finds. The turquoise 402 set me back 14 dollars. In great shape, just one inch long scratch keeping it from being totally mint. I cannot, will not, and shall not pass up a turquoise (or pink!) mixing bowl I can afford. If I end up with 5 sets of each, so it is.  They are my very favorites, and the way prices are climbing, I won't be able to afford them in the future.

So hoard now while the hoarding's good, yes?

The yellow Pyrex bowl is one of the clear-bottomed 1980's-90's bowls, from the period of time that opal glass was replaced with clear. 

I haven't had much interest in them until I recently found the large two-tone pink in Goodwill, and the two-tone blue just a couple of days later.

When I saw the yellow bowl yesterday, I realized it would nest perfectly between the two I had at home, so I paid 7 bucks for it. Which I believe is a few dollars more than I paid for the other two bowls combined. 
Clear bottom Pyrex bowls. I believe all 3 of these are from different sets, but for now, they work.

Hazel Atlas Apples & Strawberries. Late 1930's Kix cereal giveaway
These were by far my best deal of the day. A flea market find for 4 dollars. One of the apples is missing a lid. I'm not terribly optimistic I'll find a replacement, but sure-as-shootin I will find one the minute I donate the bottom. It's still useable for what I had in mind for these.

I'd like to get a Fiesta utility tray/napkin holder (looks like a very shallow brownie pan). I don't actually have one of these, so I don't know how well it'd work out, but I'd like to see if one of those would hold 9 or so of these, and I could use these as individual jello containers. The tray would serve as a nice accessory to keep these guys all together in the fridge while they are setting up, I think.

Somewhere in the dark and dusty archives of this little dish blog is a post where I found my first two of these and how I said I wouldn't mind finding a whole bunch more of them. (Edit: This is where I was talking about them :-)

Well, that day came! Might have been two or three years ago, but here we are! 

Hope you are finding thrifty treats and treasures!


  1. I had almost put together a primary color set in the clear bottoms but then I bumped the shelving unit and the bowls hit the ceramic floor (SMASH)

    1. Oh no! Hope you find a replacement set soon & for a good price!

  2. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the clear Pyrex but your set may have changed my mind! I have seen the Hazel Atlas apples on several occasions but never the strawberries. Thanks for showing me something else I need to be on the hunt for:-)

    Have a great day!


    1. Thanks, you too!

      I passed up a whole set of the primary clear-bottoms and I've sorta kicked myself ever since. They were 20 bucks. Pained me to pass on them, but I told myself I wasn't going to collect the clear either. Have enough trouble passing on opal Pyrex as it is! But the pink bowl hooked me. It's not the lovely 50's pink, it's definitely more 1980's/Golden Girls rose/mauve. And instead of being a 4 quart capacity like a 404 or 444, it's actually 4 liters - several ounces larger. It's huge! Handy for baking projects where the flour tends to want to fly out everywhere.

      Hope you find a set soon so you can try them out and see if you like them!