Thursday, July 4, 2013

Themed thrifting & a Completed Set

Do you ever have those days at the thrift store where everything you find either matches or has the same theme? Sometimes I think it's because items were donated from the same household. But other times it's incredibly random. Yesterday almost all my finds were from different thrift stores, but still ended up being a shade of blue.

From left to right- the heart bowl is Anchor Hocking, and I'm assuming it's from the 80's. It was 50 cents. It's one of those "I shouldn't have bought this" items, but...but....but... 50 cents. Thems yard sale prices. Plus I think the hearts are kinda cute? I see these kind of bowls from time to time and usually don't have such a hard time passing them up because the pattern is super Meh.

Excuses, excuses :-)

My husband found the mug for 39 cents - which I believe is Hazel Atlas. Unmarked, Cornflower Blue go-along pattern. There's mixing bowls in this pattern known to be Hazel Atlas - hence the attribution. My husband has eagle eyes for good mugs.

And finally, on the right, the smallest size of the 1980's-style Pyrex clear bottom bowls. 99 cents. Which means I can do this:
I think it's funny that this bowl set is getting featured so much on my blog here when less than two months ago I probably would have passed on them altogether. And how funny that they all nest, despite being from what I believe is 4 completely different bowl sets.

I'm not sure this small Cobalt is from an all-cobalt set or from a gradient blue set. At first I thought it was a primary, but I'm not sure about that either. Of the two versions I've seen pictures of, the smallest bowl varied from green to red. For some reason, it appears they changed the color order of the bowls depending on whether you bought the 3 bowl version or the 4 bowl. 

Oh Pyrex. You're so tricksy.

Next up, my not so exciting finds, a Tupperware colander/strainer in a mint blue shade. I have a few of these already but in harvest gold, so the mint color is a nice change. I use these things constantly! They are one of the most utilized, most frequently washed items in my kitchen.

I take them down to the garden with me to pick vegetables & berries, then viola, easy to rinse. And if I'm extra lazy, I'll just pop the whole thing in the fridge until I'm ready to deal with whatever I've picked.

The fridgie lid was exciting to me until I noticed how chipped it was. Frowny face. It's still a lid though, and I'd rather have a chippy lid than no lid at all. I smooth out the dangerous parts with sandpaper. There's a small 3 grit pack I buy at Target that does the trick. It's not the prettiest fix, but it makes the lids useable and washable without having to remember to avoid the chipped part.
And finally, I believe these are Depression Glass, but I've yet to look them up. I'm not sure if I'm keeping them, but they were too nice to pass up.

Have a safe & happy 4th!

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  1. I'm telling you, those clear Pyrex bowls are growing on me!