Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thrift roundup

Pickin's have been slim for the last couple of weeks. I've been out hitting up yard sales, flea markets and thrifts only to come home pretty much empty handed.

Here are a few things I did buy:
This is the figural canister set from the Heartland by International China set I collect. It actually paid off that I've spend hours perusing the page after page of photos of various Heartland items on the site, because these canisters are not marked at all other than a Made in Japan sticker.
Had to show it with a piece of the set so you can the surprising amount of attention to detail they actually paid - where the doors are, what color they are, etc. I think they had to fudge it a bit to include that little tea canister, but it's kinda hard to do a traditional 4-piece canister set out of a dish motif that is specifically 3 little houses.  I didn't realize it at the time, but there's also a utensil crock and cookie jar that look just like two of these houses but instead of flour & sugar they say Hardware and Bakery. Too cute. I'd love to find those as well.

I bought these because they were very cheap. They seem sweet and well-made. I've never bought or even used Pfaltzgraff before. What I've seen of it in thrift stores has almost always been the pattern Folk Art, usually for sale as a large set and at a premium price.

I don't know what's more tragic, the fact that this poor refrigerator dish is so dishwashed or the fact that I bought it. Part of me felt like it was some sort of synchronicity owing to the fact that I had just been talking to my husband the day before about one of the first times I ever stepped foot in a thrift store just to look for vintage dishes/Pyrex.

I saw this same fridgie, only in much better shape, marked 2.99, which at the time was outrageous. ( I was buying most Pyrex pieces for a dollar or two, Pyrex mugs were usually 29 cents. I feel like I'm talking about the 1800's or something, but this was just 3-4 years ago!)

I remember I held it in my hand and showed it to my husband and said "It's so cute, but just too small to be practical. What would you put in it?" (Oh the days before I became such a shameless hoarder of the Pyrex)

Had it been even a dollar less, I probably would have bought it anyway. Worse still was the fact that back then, when things were overpriced, they just sat there. People would leave things til Half Off Day.

So I'd just been thinking about that when I found this poor, sad dishwashed little red. Bought it anyway, for the same price a good one wouldn't sell for in the same store just a few years ago. At least the lid is perfect.
The blue glass is my only yard sale find yesterday. It matches two red ones I found at a GW a while back. I've seen these glasses online in a green colorway also that goes from light to dark. Maybe I'll have a set of these some day. I'm trying in vain to keep my vintage glass collection to only polka dots and stripes. There are just too many pretty glasses!

The blue Ball jar is only my second. It was a pricey GW find at 3.99, but that's probably less than half what they're all marked in antique stores around here.  The Brim coffee cup (sorry, hard to read) is something I had to buy because I have a small accidental collection of other Brim coffee items. My husband's grandparents must have drunk Brim decaffeinated coffee by the case full, because we have tons of nails, knobs and miscellaneous household items in Brim coffee tins. So it just brings a smile to my face to find an oddball Brim item to add to the collection.

And finally, antique store Pyrex.
Neither came with lids, but I had some at home. The Verde fridgie was a 5 dollar purchase and technically it finished my fridgie set. I also have the square flowers version of the largest 503, so I'd considered this complete done a long time ago, but it's nice to have both.
This completed my Daisy 470 set, despite the fact that one is the clear patterned lid. Daisy hasn't always been one of my favorite patterns, but it's just so undeniably cheery. I'm liking it more and more lately since I've found more of the pieces with decorated lids.

Hope your yard sales and estate sales are yielding lots of treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I didn't start out being a fan of the Daisy set either but then I found a complete set at a yard sale for $2! It's cheerfulness has grown on me and I have not been able to get rid of it yet. Glad you completed your set!

    Have an awesome week~


  2. Congrats on finding that canister set! I hope you find the cookie jar and the crock, too. I didn't used to like the yellow Daisy Pyrex either, but it's grown on me. Like you said, it's just so cheery.