Thursday, June 26, 2014

My first new in the box Pyrex & a mystery

This is my very Pyrex in the original box!

I'm in love with the tiniest details, like the original paper separators (not pictured) that look like coffee filters. And of course, this brochure is just the bomb.

This lists Butterprint as Turquoise - I'm guessing the solid turquoise had been discontinued by that point - and also lists Verde, Daisy, Early American and clear rangeware.

Now here's the mystery:
I picked up this 471 some time ago at a local antique store and have always considered it a mystery, since everything I've ever read online has the 471 as solid blue - just like this set I just bought.

So now I have a choice. But since the 471 seems unusual, and my brand new set is completely unused, I think I'll just enjoy these as display.

Hope you're finding fantastic treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. What a find - love the little booklet that was enclosed!!

  2. Major score, Roxanne! Not only did you find something that I never have (Pyrex in the box) but you also found it in an awesome pattern that is one of my absolute favorites. Jealous but super happy for you at the same time :-)