Thursday, June 19, 2014

A few finds

Got a chance yesterday to hit up one of the small church thrifts we don't get to often, and it paid off with these cute (and cheap!) finds.
The diamond mug is Federal and was just 10 cents! Altogether, the pink syrup, mug and glass cost less than 2 bucks. My kind of prices, for sure!
This cameo pattern Glasbake was a touch more expensive at $1.49. I fail to grasp the logic of thrift store pricing sometimes, especially for similar items. But still, I thought this pattern was a little unusual - I usually just see these in solid colors - so I wanted to pick it up.

 I guess this is my Butterfly Gold Corelle. My mom told me she's had enough. LOL. I reckon these will join the Woodland/Old Town/Spring Blossom party I've got going on in my spare room.

I've definitely been on a roll finding Heartland items I don't have and have never seen before. This is one of the metal bowls from the mixing set. There's also a ceramic set I'd like to have. This one was from the same thrift and was just .79 cents.

And finally, remember the vintage ads I found the other day? Well here they are all framed up. The turquoise frame was a Hobby Lobby splurge, along with the matting on both, but the Fire King frame was a Goodwill purchase.

Sorry for the funky angles, I can't find a place to hang them that doesn't make them glare horribly (in addition to my already less than stellar photography skillz, lol)

Hope you're finding great stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Love that Federal diamond mug! It is getting harder to find the really cute coffee cups from those glorious mid century years....