Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday yard sale-ing

Hubs and I hit the yard sales pretty hard yesterday and came home with not a whole lot. Stopped at a thrift along the way and found a bunch of Heartland that I didn't have. I'm going to need a bigger house soon!

Heartland breadbox
Heartland lazy susan, utensil holder, vegetable bowls

Heartland Breakfast set
These are pieces I didn't know existed. I think of them as soup cups/mugs, but calls this a Breakfast cup & salad plate set.

I took a photo of it beside the regular teacup just to show how huge this thing is.
And come to find out the salad plate is made differently than the regular salad plate. It's more heavily decorated and the piece itself is heavier and sturdier than the regular salad plate.
regular Heartland salad plate top left, Heartland Village salad plate top right, and below them the salad plate from the Breakfast set. Same diameter, but thicker.
 And finally, these guys were from the first stop of the morning. 20 cents I couldn't pass up.

I'm not sure if the good stuff was snapped up Friday, or earlier on Saturday morning, but I sure wasn't finding it. We did more driving yesterday than it seems like we do when we go out of state antique shopping. It's always possible folks are saving it up for the big Spring yardsale we usually have in May. Dunno. At least I tried, right?

Hope you're finding great junk!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I love how you found the bread box and lazy susan! How fun to find things for your set that you didn't know existed and that aren't actual dishes.

    The sales are just starting to pick up around here. Fingers crossed you start finding good stuff!

    Have an awesome week!