Friday, April 18, 2014

Stress-terday's Thrifting

So yesterday was more like stress-terday. I went to a new Dr, and much anxiety ensued. So the hubs and I hit up a few thrifts to blow off the tension.
This incomplete Primary set was waiting for me in the fancy-shmancy case, complete with a fancy-schmancy price. But it's one of the older sets - a style that is my very favorite. I wish these thicker bowls had been made in pink and turquoise, but they seem to have already changed the style of them by then.
This Early American bowl was behind the counter with the Primaries. Had it been by itself, I might have talked myself out of it, but I was in a splurge-y mood, so it came home with me. I collect the brown and white pieces of this pattern anyway, but I had picked up the smallest gold & brown bowl from the Chip and Dip set some time ago. So I either have a chip and dip set without a bracket or the beginning of a Cinderella set.

So much for me cutting back, huh?

And the other day, I came home from thrifting pretty much empty handed - except for 14 random pieces of this starburst silverware.

I've mostly avoided buying silverware at thrift stores. It's always in some tub with about 14 metric tons of random pattern butter knives. And riffling through it makes an epically loud clattering ruckus that can be heard from everywhere in the store.

I just never want to be *that person* who stands there for 4 hours, digging through silverware like I'm going to find some solid silver surviver from the Titanic or something.

But anyhow, I do poke around from time to time. I decided a while back that I liked atomic star patterns - any of them- and it might be cool to piece a set together, even if it's mismatched.
This is the one I found, Americana Star by International. Miracle of miracle, there were even a few forks! (Hardly ever find forks. Just billions upon billions of butter knives, lol)

I really like the way it looks with my Snowflake Blue.

Hope everyone finds fabulous treasures this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I am one of those who rummages in the silverware at thrift stores. Recently I found a railroad spoon over 100 years old that I sold on eBay for $20. The same day I found some 1920's movie star spoons, one sterling spoon and several vintage serving pieces, a few sold on eBay. The other day I found about 10 pieces of airline flatware, everything was 10 cents each.

    1. Good for you, Monica. I wouldn't know what I was looking for, as far as finding anything sellable or valuable - which is probably all the better for folks who do, such as yourself. :-)

  2. I totally know what you mean about being that person who rifles through the silverware! 9 times out of 10, it is the same person doing it at the thrifts I go to. I swear they make a career out of it, traveling from thrift to thrift to dig.

    Hope that pretty Pyrex made your day a little brighter!

    Happy Easter :-)


    1. Thank you, Erica. Happy Easter to you, too!

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