Friday, August 9, 2013

Tiny Treasures

Here's my whole dollar's worth of thrifting this week.

This glass is so awesome. I really, really wish I had found more! It's part of pattern called Swiss Alpine/Swiss Chalet made by Marcrest/Stetson China. There is also this matching glassware as well as matching Fire King ovenware.

I've come across a mixing bowl in this pattern, just once, in an antique store, for a price a tad bit more than I was willing to pay. I think it was 18 dollars? I hemmed and hawed over it, finally leaving it behind.

Had I had this one little glass though when I had seem that mixing bowl, it probably would have come home with me. I've told my husband on more than one occasion when I've found something cool for cheap that "this is the 50 cents that will cause me to spend 50 dollars". And that's ended up being pretty close to the truth on several occasions.

And this little bear is half of a salt & pepper set. It's holding a turquoise fish flung over his shoulder. Who buys half a salt & pepper set....why THIS GIRL, of course. Add it to my half collection of salts & peppers. Or would that be my collection of half salts & peppers?

Oh, whatever it is is, it's ridiculous of me. Trouble is, my brain can't figure a difference between half a salt & pepper set and one little figurine. So if it's cute (and probably 49 cents), it's probably coming home with me. It can keep company to half a Holt Howard set & half a Lefton China set that I couldn't pass up either.

Thanks, brain. Thanks for those snazzy 'justification' genes. lol!

Have a great weekend, folks!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. My sister and I both have an inability to leave lone orphaned shakers behind. It's almost like they speak to us saying "take me home, please!".


  2. Glad to know I'm not alone in that :-)