Monday, August 26, 2013

I accidentally stopped at the thrift store

And what did I find? Why, it's more stuff for me to buy! (always the way it is when you need to NOT be spending money)
I audibly said "No way" when I saw this Bromwell sifter. The paint is in really nice shape, but it was truly filthy when I first got home with it. This picture was taken after a bath, but it still has ancient flour clumps in every tiny cranny that need some extra attention.

Still, it cleaned up well, and I was happy to have it for $2.99.
Oh my gosh, look at this kitty bank! Just look at it. Who could resist a green kitty with morning glories (?) on its belly? Not I! And for 99 cents, no less!

Some of the other items I bought include my third(!) mint-blue-totally-80's Tupperware sifter (and despite how much I use these, I think I need to evaluate just how many of these suckers I need in my kitchen).

Inside the sifter is "Heartland" flatware made by International China. Another totally 80's pattern. I have a ton of pieces, but not silverware. These are still in individual bags, unused. Just spoons and knives though- no forks- so I've got my fingers crossed I'll find some forks to go with them.

Heartland is one of those patterns I was very reluctant to embrace collecting for a long time. It must have been a local favorite though, because I've seen many groupings & complete sets for sale over the years, and I've picked up tons of individual pieces along the way. Now I've got all I want in the more common pieces and it's the oddities I'm looking for. Unfortunately, when I see a  good serving piece I don't have, often times they won't sell it by itself. They made a ridiculous amount of go-alongs as well, including matching small appliances & tables linens.

Hope you are finding thrifty treats & tasty treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Score on the sifter! I would love to find one of those.

    I come across that Heartland pattern quite a bit and always think of you when I see it. What exactly are the pieces that you are needing so I can be on the lookout for you?


  2. That is so sweet of you! And a very kind offer.

    It's hard to even know where to start. They made so many different things! 8 pages worth on Replacements, and that's just the basic pattern. And there's 3 other variations, including a Christmas version! It's crazy. I think Heartland was the Jewel Tea of the 80's-90's.

    Tell you what, since you have a gorgeous collection of vintage table linens & are always on the lookout for them, I'd love to have you keep an eye out for Heartland table linens, place mats, aprons & other cloth kitchen items. Those are definitely holy grails for me, and I'd love to have another set of eyes looking out for them.

    Thank you so much, Erica! And let me know how I can return the favor :-)