Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun Friday finds!

My husband's schedule has been upside down and inside out lately (mostly for unpleasant reasons I won't go into here). But on the bright side, since we've been working hard, we played even harder! We managed to go to almost all of our every-once-in-a-while antique and flea market spots all in one day.

And since he was off on a Friday, we got to hit some yard sales. I was sooo excited - I almost never get to go to yardsales! At one, I was followed around by a very affectionate kitty that took an instant liking to me. She was so little and sweet & reminded me of my sweet kitties when they were babies. <3 br="">
I was pleased with my finds. It's not a lot of stuff, but I really like what I found. And I only spent a couple of dollars.

The watermelon mouse is a bank I paid a quarter for. So cute!

The ornaments are 70's-ish unbreakable plastic. Wish they were more like the mega-fragile 50's diorama style that I literally never ever see around here. Oh well, still cute & they'll look cute on the tree.

And the salt/pepper/sugar set was too darling for 2 bucks. I have an unintentional vignette of vintage red items inside my Hoosier-style cabinet and this set fits right in.
Our next stop was a flea market antique trading post. Last time we were there, I scored my fantastic Hazel Atlas turquoise Ripple set. And this time - Another set I collect!

These are Anchor Hocking Lotus snack sets. The material they're made from is glass, but it's so thick and beige-y that it tends to look ceramic. I've never seen original packaging for these, so I can only assume that like most snack sets, they were sold in sets of 4 - a bowl and snack place each in blue, green, yellow & pink (that also photographs as a peach color, but I believe there's just the one shade in the set).

These were also available in Jadeite & Forest Green. And a couple of odd ducks - a somewhat different mold shape was available in a Peach Lustre/Copper Tint set and a single Azurite bowl (a very, very pale blue that photographs white or grey-ish) - which I'm guessing was a giveaway that would explain its lack of matching plate.

(It's amazing how much vintage glassware once contained a cheese product of some sort. Cottage cheese, pimento cheese. And if it wasn't cheese, it was peanut butter. People sure did love some cheese, peanut butter & free glassware. lol!)

And finally, this was my anxiety purchase. I say anxiety because basically anything over around 20-25 bucks causes me to hem & haw like it was my job. I tried bargaining over this piece because of a hairline crack at the top, on the bridge part that I guess would technically be considered the 'ice lip'.

It was marked Grey pitcher. I knew it wasn't grey when I saw it, because it was..........Celedon!

This vintage Fiesta juice pitcher in Celedon is an odd piece that doesn't pop too terribly often. This lady here is a true fiesta fanatic, and she does a great job chronicling the story of the various promotional juice sets produced by Homer Laughlin China over the years.

I got it for a good price that took the damage in to account. It's currently displayed with my very, very, very damaged Medium Green disc pitcher that was a 15 dollar flea market find. Me & my scratch-and-dent Fiesta treasures. I don't mind the damage, really, so they've found a good home here with me.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I like those lotus bowls and of course the Fiesta pitcher!

  2. Oh, I like everything you found, you had a good day!

  3. That little red S & P set is so sweet! I would love to find even one of the Lotus bowls in the Jadeite.

    Have a great week!