Monday, September 5, 2016

Glasbake primary bowl set

First up, my antique store finds.

unmarked Glasbake primary bowl and Federal Glass bowl

I might well have mistook this yellow primary bowl for a Pyrex bowl if it weren't sitting right inside one in the antique store. This unmarked Glasbake bowl is closer in size to the next size down (the green one). It nested well inside the yellow Pyrex bowl, but stood up above the edge, so when I spotted it, I was pretty sure I knew that it was the bowl I was missing and needed to complete the Glasbake primary set I just bought a few weeks ago!

Unmarked Glasbake primary bowl set

Wow, I am really surprised to have completed this bowl set so quickly! And locally too! Though my purchases were not from the same store or even the same town.

 My next two purchases are both sugar creamer sets. A pretty impractical purchase, since I don't really use either. But they each go with something else I collect.

I officially have more pink Hazel Atlas Ripple than I do turquoise now. I can't believe it. Though there's always room for more, lol!

And these guys here are Sunbeam, which came with certain models of Sunbeam Vacuum Coffee Makers. That's something I've collected for a while, but haven't made a new purchase in ages. And sadly, I haven't enjoyed a vac pot of coffee in a long time as well.

And my final antique store purchases. A cheap jadeite mug, which I got super cheap because of a chip I plan to sand down with some very fine grit sandpaper. I thought it'd make a good addition to the everyday user cabinet.

And this piece of Country Festival Corning ware is an odd shape I couldn't pass up. If I ever bake start baking bread this size seems like it'd make a generous half-loaf. I've decided this pattern is going to be the one I keep and use. Too many patterns I like and not enough house to put them all in. So Pyrex is my out-of-control collection, Corning ware is going to be down to one pattern - though I am allowing myself to keep whatever patterns I want in petite pans that don't take up much space.

So those are my antique store finds as of late. I've found a few neat things at the thrift for another post.

Hope you're finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love your posts about Thrifting! I am a vintage lover and am visiting the USA next week from Australia! I've planned a few thrift shop stops and love seeing what you have found on your outings! I hope I am just as lucky :)

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