Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's a sickness

You know it's a sickness when you like something so much you just keep buying it again and again. That's how I felt when I bought home these canisters from one of my favorite local antique stores.

Coffee here has seen better days, and the sugar canister is missing altogether. I already have the complete set of these as far as I know - which is flour, sugar, coffee, tea, and a cookie canister the same size as this largest-sized flour canister. I've never seen any sign of anything else, like spices, salt, pepper or a grease jar. But who knows, they could still be out there. Anything is possible!

I've also picked up one lone tea canister in this turquoise color that has silver lettering. In person, I've seen (and have) white lettering & silver lettering. But in pictures I've seen gold as well as black. And as far as colors, I personally have pink, turquoise, white and pale butter yellow. I also had an avocado color once upon a time. In pictures I've seen what appears to be bright yellow and red colorways.

I seem to have luck finding these unmarked canisters. Must have been local favorites. I've learned from the fabulous blog that these canisters are Stanley Home Products. Always great to solve a vintage dish mystery!

I picked up these two Glasbake pieces the other day. I adore the bird pattern. I'd only ever seen in on blogs before now. I suspect this pattern was only available as bakeware. I've never seen any evidence of mixing bowls. I think - but don't know for sure - that several Glasbake patterns were only sold as a box set of bakeware with different variations on what all came with. I think this particular pattern might have come with glass mugs.

I wish Glasbake held up as well as Pyrex. Some of the patterns are really great. I just don't think the glass itself has survived the years with nearly the prolificness of Pyrex.

And finally, a couple more thrift store treasures. You can never have too many refrigerator dish lids. It had a chip I smoothed out with super fine grit sandpaper. I also picked  up this small round Horizon Blue casserole. It was 6 dollars at the thrift, a price I was so not thrilled about paying.

And after I washed it up and put it in my daily users cabinet, I noticed I could make this little configuration here.

It's like a fantasy primary set! The colors of course are a bit off from the original primary bowls, but I couldn't resist putting them together. From top to bottom here are Horizon Blue, Friendship, and Daisy, just in case you are like me and get confused about the solid color pieces.

Well, that's all for now.

Hope you're junk runs have been productive and cool!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. The Glasbake patterns have slowly been sucking me in. I tried to resist for so long!