Saturday, May 28, 2016

Community Sale

It's that time of year again for a community-wide sale I look forward to all year. The hubs and I have gone for at least the last 5 years running, but only last year did we buy the preview tickets that scored me one of the most exhilarating one day hauls I've ever found.

I was worried this year's sale couldn't possibly live up to the expectations I was trying not not to have. But happily I found some super great stuff!

Friendship lasagna pan for 2 bucks! Yes please! I'm half ashamed to admit this is my 3 one of this piece. (Does it make it less bad that I paid a lot for the two I had already?) And I have to tell this story here because I think it's so cute (and frightening to me at the same time).

Two years running, my husband has gone off in a slightly different direction than me, and both years he had his hands full of Corningware when he was standing right in front of awesome Pyrex I wanted and he just completely didn't see it. Last year it was two pink gooseberry round casseroles and this year it was this lasagna pan.

I had the buggy, and when I came around the corner, I saw my husband loaded down with Corningware in his hands, and directly in front of him on the table was this dish. And right smack in between us were two adorably cute Millennial kids that looked like what I think of as the quintessential young Pyrex collectors. I literally almost shoved into them with my cart, because I am that insane person who could, in court, plead temporary insanity for Pyrex.

Out of the way Millennials!

I have officially declared my husband to be "distracted by Corningware". When I tell him this, he gives me the most sad, guilty, tried-my-best expression and I feel like I am scolding a puppy. My life, I tell you what.

Lids that are like gold! Space saver lid for two dollars, two large refrigerator dish lids and one medium for another two bucks, and 4 dollars for the Spring Blossom large oval casserole.

Toy finds. Small bundle of Fisher Price Little People for two bucks and an old tin toy house trailer for a buck. (I later found a car that may or may not be the right one for it that didn't make its way into this photo session. So yay for making a 'set'!)

My husband picked these up. No idea why. Just thought it was precious that he wanted little elephant salt and pepper shakers. Love.

Then finally on the way home I stopped in Goodwill and found the McKee sailboat measuring cup for $1.99. Just when I completely give up on GW, I find one awesome thing that just keeps me coming back for more. In truth, I probably benefit most from all the other pickers in town being somewhere else! Had to take a picture of it with my only other ships piece.

I'm very pleased with what I found. By all in all, things have definitely seemed to change. Prices are creeping up for just basic things, like lids. There was more Pyrex at this sale, but it made its way into other peoples carts before I ever saw it. There seemed to be far fewer vintage items, more new stuff. In a way, I was glad I don't collect as broad a variety of vintage stuff, because items like lunch boxes and thermoses were priced at full antique store level.

These days, I feel like everyone I see is a picker of some type. Some faces I recognize after years of seeing them around once in a while but not connecting the dots. Lots of folks seem to show up for these sales only to sell their wares in a yard sale at antique store prices. Which is why I'm not wild about yard saleing around my area.

I'm not kidding when I say that around where I live, you can often find a better deal in a nicely staged, air conditioned antique store than you can a yard sale or flea market. The store dealers (at least, SOME of them) seem to want to move items, keep their booth rent paid, when lots of the yard sale folks seem content to put a ridiculous high price tag on their items and move them around from yard sale to yard sale, never selling them. I've seen Pyrex bowl sets at the same yearly yardsale with the same taped on price tag for at least the last three years running. It beats me why people are like that.

But then again, with prices rising like they have, maybe eventually that will be what passes for a fair price. Ugh!

All in all, I'm happy with what I found. Even if it didn't quite live up to the hype of last years craziness, it sure did let me down gently. Lol!

Hope you are finding fantabulous treasures where you are!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. File this score under Best Find Ever!! I found my Friendship lasagna at the flea market for $12. I'd say we both got great deals, huh?

    Have a great weekend!