Friday, May 13, 2016

Birthday Loot

So we went out shopping on the day of my birthday. I was completely happy with the pink Ripple Hazel Atlas dishes I'd just gotten, so I was going to be content if I didn't find another thing. But instead, I found a piece of Blue Barcode Pyrex that I didn't have ( this is the 474 from the graduated sizes 480 set), a duplicate Fire King Stripes shaker (just the one), and an awesome piece of labware that I've only seen in someone's blog when I first started looking for Pyrex and other vintage kitchenwares.

Had to take a picture of it with my other two decorated labware pieces. They are so small and sweet.

And how the world loves to laugh at you sometimes. After paying $ for a Verde baker for my collection, I find this one for $18.50. I bought it. So now I have two of a piece that - if I was being perfectly honest about - I only bought to make "the stack" of all of them. (Assuming I ever find the Butterfly Gold and Rust colored ones in the wild).

And finally, I finished my set of Spring Blossom refrigerator dishes. Can't believe it's take this long to do! I know this pattern is common, it's just that certain pieces have eluded me the entire time I've collected. I've never seen a Big Bertha (a 664) or any of the cute glassware pitchers and carafes, despite the fact that I think half all American households had the entire massive run of either Spring Blossom or Butterfly Gold at some point or another.

So that's all for my birthday loot. I still have some yard sale and thrift finds for another post! Love this time of year!

Hope you're finding awesome stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I found the entire set of Barcode at an estate sale a few years ago. I sold them and an now regretting it! So happy you found another one for your collection.

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