Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yard sale & thrift finds

My favorite find in a long time!

I had no idea these canisters came in pink! Hubba Hubba! I held my breath when I saw them, worried they'd be expensive. But they were 5 bucks - same price as I paid for my turquoise set a while back. I've been lucky finding these sets so reasonably priced. Love 'em!

I bought all this from a lady who told me her cabinets were full of this pattern and she was ready to let it go. I asked her how much she wanted for all of it and she said 25 dollars. And I said "Sold!" I'll split these with my mom. I didn't mean to collect this pattern for myself at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had about as much as she does by now! Ooops :-) I was amazed that every single piece had a lid, and other than some dust and grime that washed away, they're all in great condition, just a single buggered up lid.

And my very first Gurley candles! These were 50 cents each at the thrift. And just in time for Halloween!

I found lots more goodies yard sale-ing, thrifting, and antique store shopping, lately - I've just been really slack in posting them. And of course I'm hoping to find more this weekend!

Hope you're finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. All of the canisters are so pretty!

    That's amazing to get all that Butterfly Gold for $25 - good for you!

  2. I've only ever seen those canisters in turquoise! You have had some pretty good luck. Although I love the Butterfly Gold pattern, it's not one I collect. But there is no way I would have left that set behind! It's perfect to use in the fall and at Thanksgiving. That is how I would have justified it to myself :-)


  3. Oh my! The canisters look so sweet together! Congrats! When I'm out hunting and spot something awesome, it's like everything turns slow mo as I walk toward it- afraid it isn't real! Ha-ha!

  4. Love the pyrex set and the cute canisters!!!