Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pink Scroll for the win

For almost the entire 4 years I've been collecting Pyrex this dish has clocked in as my single most expensive piece. I bought it very early on in collecting and haven't seen another one for sale since.

But just in the last 3 months, I gave in and spent more money than I ever had before for two different pieces - a Friendship lasagna pan and the smallest Balloons bowl (the 441) from the chip & dip set.

But apparently Pink Scroll couldn't stand to be bested - so here she is again - a duplicate and once again my most expensive piece.

And at the same time, I bought the flamingo pink creamer & sugar I was missing from my dinnerware collection. It's really beginning to narrow down what I'm still looking for. Mostly it's been lime that has eluded me.

And finally, it's half a party - a Pineapple Party, that is. I'm really pleased I got a photo that decently captures the fade effect on it. It's bad how almost exactly the same color this piece is to the smallest Daisy bowl. Comparing the two, it just makes the Pineapple bowl look like its got the beginnings of dishwasher damage or something.

But it's perfectly shiny, so I'm sure that's what I have. Wish they'd had the big bowl and bracket!

I couldn't believe I'd found 3 really cool things I needed at once like that!

Hope your weekend was filled with fun and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. The Pineapple Chip & Dip is on my sister's wish list. It is my goal to find it for her! I have been super lucky with the Pink Scroll. My first piece, I received as a gift from my sister. Then Maddie bartered on one for me at an antique fair and got it for 10 bucks. The last one I found I got complete with the lid and cradle for $12. I guess sellers around here don't realize how valuable it is. I feel good having three because now I have backups in case God forbid, one breaks.

    Have an awesome week!


  2. Good find! Space savers are hard to come by around here & have never seen a Pink Scroll IRL before.