Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last nights thrift finds

We almost didn't go out last night (I've been saying that a lot lately). We're still broke from our Valentine's Day splurges. But the only thrifts that were open were Goodwill, and I had some loyalty points burning a hole in my pocket, so we went anyway.
I couldn't resist these seahorses. So sweet and so utterly tacky. My husband kept accidentally calling them sawhorses. I told him that these sawhorses might just be hanging up on the bathroom wall when he gets home from work ;-)

Funny thing about the chicken mug stand - it's actually a matching Sears Chicken Little item to the very canisters behind it! Believe it or not, I didn't even put that together in my head until this morning. A little poking around the net led me to this page from the 1976 Sears Big Book. This page has tons of cute stuff, including a whole range of Merry Mushrooms items.

It was Corelle night. I bought the stack of hook handled mugs all taped together with the matching creamer. No sugar bowl. I always wonder when I find odds & ends like this if there was more donated and someone else just beat me to it, or if these were it. Worse still is when the cashier says something like "Oh, someone else just bought a whole bunch of this earlier."

Isn't that just the pits? I just try to smile it off, knowing that there are times I'm sure I was the other side of that equation.

Like when I bought these bowls, the cashier said "Oh, I know someone who comes in here looking for this very thing." I'm not sure if she meant the Spring Blossom pattern specifically, or if she meant Corelle in general. I didn't ask. I felt somewhat guilty, like I was buying the phantom other persons Corelle bowls.

I have never even seen the larger of the two bowls before. It's the same diameter as a dinner plate. HUGE bowl.  Even if Crazy Daisy Spring Blossom Green isn't my favorite pattern, it sure is useful. In fact, I'm certain my husband prefers to mix/heat things up in Corelle serving bowls when possible, just so there's no chance he breaks one of my Pyrex mixing bowls.

And finally, Oh my very Goodness. I could.not.love.these.more.
These so-sweet little Glasbake custard cups were all taped together for 99 cents. If bowls were as cute as baby kittens, they'd be these bowls.


One is in better shape than the rest and one is more worn. These will probably never be used again. They are just too precious. And it's unfortunate, because I'd use them in a heartbeat, but some of these vintage treasures just do not have the ability to withstand everyday use and wear.

This pattern dates back to the late 1930's as seen in this amazing advertisement. And this site itself is a fantastic resource for vacuum coffee maker fans like myself :-)

Anyways, I'm really glad we got out. Now I'm cash-poor and with no more loyalty credit until payday!

Hope you are finding the snazziest stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Loved your corelle find - I am just starting the hunt for Crazy Daisy / Spring Blossom Green and such and want to use primarily vintage every day. I have a bit of pyrex I inherited and some milk glass mixing bowls and few other pieces; nothing beats the vintage, though I understand about the red dot Glasbake custards- too precious to chance using them! Too sweet. Oh the link on Sears a riot!!!!!!

  2. Sears link is great! It's shocking how much Merry Mushroom stuff there is/was. For me, like the person who made that page, wicker is disgusting. Glasbake custards are quite cute.

    UGH! I hate when the cashier says that too. I only had it said once, felt said at first because it was a great cup. "A woman JUST bought these.." & it seemed like the cashier was gonna grab the cup & run after her. Nah uh. I'm glad she didn't get the set when I think about it, although, I would have felt better not knowing she had bought them before me.

  3. You're right, those little custard cups are just sweet!

  4. My Mom had the golden butterfly Corelle, when she passed no one would buy the dishes at an estate sale we had. So I donated them, I had my soon to be growing Fiestaware at home n I grew up with the Corelle, it's time has passed. But I get nostalgic when I see it, it was a sweet pattern.