Saturday, February 22, 2014

A sunny day antiquing

Today was such a nice day out we were tempted to put the kibosh on our plans of hitting the flea market & antique stores and spend the day doing yardwork instead.

But I'm glad we got out. I picked up this 4 piece Hazel Atlas Ivy bowl set for $22.50. They look unused. I've had a small 7'' bowl from this set for a long time & an identical sized red strawberry pattern bowl that we use as popcorn bowls.

But my super deal of this day this bowl right here:
Recognize it? I nearly didn't!

In fact, I walked right by it and didn't see it until I was up some stairs and rounding a corner. It was hidden on the bottom of a shelf.

I thought I knew what it was but thought I had to be wrong. So I kept going, walking around the rest of the antique store. Twice I told my husband to remind me to go check out that bowl I saw downstairs before we leave.

So when I get around to it I realize A) Yes, this is enameled metal B) It has no makers mark C) the sticker says "enamel metal bowl $5.00" and then my head explodes, because I am about to become the proud owner of my very first Cathrineholm bowl.

It's a bit rusty and a bit chippy, but it's absolutely the coolest thing ever. :-) And here's a great fansite with lots more info.

I've only seen two other pieces of Cathrineholm in the wild, and they were both the lovely Lotus pattern - and very pricey!

Mid Century Modern anything is a dream around here. Scarce! I live in the heartland of primitives and reproductions. Finding this piece - and for a song, too-  was something I couldn't even dream up.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice break in the weather or at least finding wonderful junk!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love that Hazel Atlas Ivy pattern. I have several pieces that I have thrifted over the years and finally realized that I have an entire set plus 2 almost sets! They are the best bowls. One of my Instagram followers showed me a set in red. Have you seen those?

    Congrats on your Cathrineholm! I saw my first two pieces in the wild the other day and they were both in the Lotus pattern. I don't know enough about them to know if they were a good price. I really should research it!

    Have an awesome day.


    1. I've never seen Ivy bowls in red. That's wild! Your friend may have something pretty rare there. I once thrifted an ivy bowl that was Hazel Atlas, but the ivy design was different. It had pointed leaves and they were the same shade of green, but the design looked more like Sandalwood Pyrex. It was dishwasher damaged, but I bought it anyway. Somewhere along the way, I've ended up re-donating it because of the fading.

      I love Hazel Atlas designs. I only have a few random mixing bowls. I rarely see them in thrifts or antique stores. That's awesome that you've thrifted so many near sets! Lucky lady :-)

  2. Wow, I love the bowl! I dream of collecting Cathrineholm but have never seen any in the wild, lucky you! Plus, orange is my favorite color :)

    Have a great day,

  3. Thank you, Hanna, you too! And thank you so much for commenting, it makes my day :-)

    Cathrineholm is just something I never, ever expected to find. Fingers crossed that me, you & your sister all find some fantastical Cathrineholm bargains this year! I'm mostly just learning about what all they made, but I've seen pictures of lots of different pieces in orange, so there's definitely hope!