Monday, July 16, 2012

July thrifting

Thrifting has been incredibly disappointing lately. That's why when I found these guys here, it felt like the sky opened up and the Hallelujah Chorus was playing.

Or maybe it has something to do with the top guy being called "Blue Heaven". Lol.
The top dish is an unmarked Fire King cake pan. I'm not sure that it even had a lid originally, but the thrift store paired it with a domed Pyrex lid that fits it. Makes it look rather bulbous and space-y, so I'm going to keep them together. And at $3.99, I was pleased with the price.

The dish below is a divided Pyrex dish - a promotional pattern called "Dandelion Duet". Despite the fact that it's a gold-leaf pattern, it was high on my wishlist. It was a tad pricier at 5.99. But I was still very pleased to find it. At this point, it's getting harder and harder to find Pyrex that I want that I don't have at a price I can afford. So I'm pretty overjoyed the now rare times that actually happens!

This thrift score was a couple of weeks ago. Oh my childhood! I'm hangin' tough with this absolutely fantastically amazing slumber party/overnight New Kids bag. And I only paid 49 cents for it! Yep. You heard me right. You got the right stuff, there, thrift store!

That's the right stuff.
(I'm so punny today!)

And finally, a cool score from an antique store. These are the 3 smallest measuring cups from a set of 4, made by Jeannette Glass in the Depression Era.

Depression Era Jeannette Glass measuring cups in Delphite
These are delphite - which, to my knowledge, hasn't been reproduced in this style. Same CANNOT be said for these same measuring cups in Jadite. At the time I bought them, I wasn't sure they weren't repro's, not totally. But they were only 15 dollars. And they had some giveaway hallmarks that they were the real deal - some flea bite chips on the smallest measure as well as some general dirtiness and staining that convinced me on the spot that they were the real deal. I'm almost certain I've handled a repro Jadite set of these measuring cups before, and for one "tell" they are always very shiny and clean with no apparent damage. Now dirt doesn't necessarily mean age, but when it comes to vintage kitchen glass, dirt and wear is usually a very positive indicator of authenticity!

The dealer who sold me these practically apologized that they weren't Jadite, as though they were the only ones that had value. For the last few years, I've been under almost the opposite impression - blue kitchen glass from this era can be just as valuable as green glass, and sometimes even more so. Such as in the case with a special shade of blue called "Chalaine", which is even more of a Robin's Egg blue than the delphite pictured here.

At any rate, these are a real treasure to me. Something I definitely would not have been able to pay "book price" for.

Hope you are finding thrifty treasures!

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  1. Love all your Pyrex! & the NKOTB bag!! Love it! I woulda bought it too.