Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Junk

 This is just about the best thrift haul I've had in ages.

First up, just about the dumbest thing I spent money on - a divided lid for a Pyrex divided dish. 2.99 just for a lid, and this fool girl bought it. I just don't find stray lids anymore, for practically any size Pyrex dish. They're just not to be found. So I paid the price. Just out of curiousity, I wonder if they thought this was a complete dish since, theoretically, you could use it to serve two separate things. Or were they just knowingly being greedy? sigh....

Still, everything was expensive. The blue Pyrex fridgie with lid was 4.99 at a church thrift. Double sigh. Bought it anyway. The loaf pan is an unmarked Glasbake in a pattern I've never seen, so of course I had to have it for 2.99 from the same thrift.

At another store I bought this small dishwashed-to-death Pyrex dinnerware bowl. I wouldn't have paid good money for it, but it was on a 10 cent rack. At that price it was more of a 'rescue' than a purchase. The woman running the store wasn't going to let me off the hook though. She thrust a glass donation jar in front of me with a look on her face like I would deeply insult the Lord if I did not make a further donation, so I dumped out all my change in to it. I'm a wuss like that.

Next up, I LOVE these guys! These are fired-on color, vitrock Lotus bowls made by Anchor Hocking. I've never seen an original box for these, but I believe they were sold as snack sets, in sets of 4. The color I'm missing altogether is a fired-on jadeite green shade. These were also made in real Jadeite, as well as at least some pieces in Azurite (pale blue), Forest Green & Peach Lustre. I've said before on this little blog that of all Jadeite pieces that Anchor Hocking/Fire King made, I'd like these the most.

But I'll settle for these, for sure. They were GW purchases, 99 cents per plate, 79 cents per bowl. Also, one of the things to look out for with vitrock is that it just doesn't look like glass. Anchor Hocking made a number of these types of pieces in vitrock, and they can look downright ceramic. But they are definitely glass.

And finally, super mega ultra Happy Dance. A cool vintage table. It's dirty, rusty, and possibly stained forever, but it is mine, and was totally in the budget at a sweet $12.99. Now that's more like it, Mr. Thrift Store. LOL

It's small enough that the tiny vintage tablecloths I have actually fit on it. God help me if I start tablescaping....
Yes, the wonky angle was intentional. This is my very disordered laundry room, the temporary home of this fabulously junktacular find. And I am trying to hide my mess, yes sirreee.

Hope the Junk gods are being kind to you this week! Happy Hunting!

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