Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have a confession to make: I've been watching Paula Deen's cooking shows.

I know. It's a shock to me too.

First, let me say, she (or her set designers) have awesome Pyrex. That was the first thing that got me hooked. I turn on the tv, and what do I see first thing, but a Spring Blossom bowl starting at me? This particular episode, lots of Spring Blossom & Verde. But if that's not enough, next episode, it's turquoise Butterprint and Horizon Blue. I'm all goofy and excited, and my husband is smiling the fixed glaze of a man's life changed forever.

Just kidding.
I think.

Anyhoo. In addition to the awesome Pyrex, I got sudden onset jealousy for her large glass containers she was using for flour & sugar. I poked around online for a bit, decided they were a tad pricier than I was willing to invest at the moment.

But sometimes, ideas twiddle around for a while, marinate and then -suddenly HELLO, I have an idea!

Just a few months ago, I rescued some old canning jars from our storage shed. After a lot of soaking and disinfecting, I was left with some pretty neat old jars. I really wanted to use them for something, but I had no idea what.

Then it hit me. Instead of buying glass containers like those I was admiring on Paula Deen's show, I'd see how these canning jars would work.All of these jars are vintage, I believe, with the one exception being the largest Ball jar. It's a full gallon sized commemorative jar I bought around a year ago. I had a full, unopened 5 pound bag of flour and this gallon jar held it exactly.

I love the humble 1940's feeling of these jars. They would look very at home in my 1942 Hoosier-style cabinet (if I ever get around to attempting to restore it). And I was very happy to be able to repurpose items that belonged to my husband's family.
And a final note. The lids are mixture of old and new. I had found a number of inserts, both milkglass and clear, for older style wire canning jars very cheaply in an antique store. I mixed and matched the glass tops with brand new rings. I was fortunate enough to find a variety of labeled tops, so some of these say Presto, Ball or Atlas, matching the jars themselves.

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