Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thrift finds this week

Found this incomplete canister set at a consignment store that doesn't really deal vintage, but I've found a few vintage pieces at before. It was sitting on a discount table and I got it for 99 cents!

They are butter yellow with silver lettering, and missing the largest flour canister in the set. I think I'm on a mission now to find out just how many colors they were made in. Once upon a time I bought a partial set in avocado green for a quarter at a yard sale but only one was in decent condition, so I donated them when I was going through one of my periodic 'stuff' purges.

Here they are with my other keepers. I hope I can find a silver pen and possibly fill in the missing lettering. I'm afraid I'll do a bad job at it but I'd like to try especially since I have the other canisters to use as guides to see where I need to fill in.


My other thrift finds: a wildflower canister for a buck, snowflake blue teacups and saucers for 39 cents apiece for my set, some corningware cradles, and more Butterfly Gold casseroles I could not pass up for 3 and 4 dollars each. And they even had their lids with them.

And finally, I paid 4 dollars for this sweet, unmarked turquoise bread keeper at a hole-in-the-wall thrift store I'd never visited before. My husband also found a really nice stack of records, so we are definitely aiming to go back sometime soon.

I kinda missed posting about my husbands birthday trip, so hopefully I'll get to that next time.

Hope you are finding cool loot!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Love those canisters, especially in Pink!

  2. I have never seen those canisters in person and would buy them in a second if I did!


  3. LOVE those canisters and the bread keeper!!!!