Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Dots!

Haven't been out much lately. Buggered up my foot last week - presumably the aftermath of my wild and wacky Saturday night spent gardening. Cause when I garden, I garden hard. Lol. :-)

Picked up two items yesterday. First, a thrift score:

Corelle Strawberry Sunday platter

Eating dinner over at my parents house has convinced me that not only that A) it's perfectly ok to eat dinner on a Corelle serving platter -and-  B) why would you ever want to go back to using a dinner plate after that? These platters are literally the perfect meal receptacles.

So in a day and age where every diet/health/fitness site says eat on smaller plates, I am embracing using serving pieces as my plate. The Pioneer Woman makes much the same observation in this post here. (Fair warning, so much Jadeite ahead, drool and jealousy are imminent.)

Green dots bowl! Yay sauce!

Wish I could say I got a bargain on this piece, but in truth I paid retail for it. (Pretty sure the dealer who sold it to me priced it off ebay). He did however knock 15 dollars off just because we are regular customers, so that took a good bit of the sting off of it. So yay for in-the-wild Pyrex finds I actually really wanted and didn't have already. And yay for beating ebay prices, even if it's just by a little bit.

And it completes my bowl set! My orange bowl is dishwasher faded, so I hope to replace it someday with a nice shiny one, but this works for now.

The blue dot bowl was probably one of the first mixing bowls I ever bought! I remember that it was a whole 8 dollars in an antique store and that was just sooo much money for a bowl to me at that time. Gah!

And it's taken me a full 5 years to complete this set in the wild. But it couldn't be more timely, since the 100 year anniversary pieces are Dots themed. Since I broke down and bought these at Target, I had to get at least one group shot. Almost 50 years difference between them in age!

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Ugh- my foot is buggered up, too! My body has so betrayed me the last couple years!
    Congrats on finishing your set.
    I just sold my blue dots for $25.00 in my booth!

    1. I think that's a good price for a blue dots. Not too high and not so low that another dealer will snap it up, reprice it, and try to sell it in their own booth. I'm amazed at how often I think I've seen that happen.

      Hope your foot feels better soon! Mine is getting there but I'm still wary of overdoing it.