Monday, August 18, 2014

Yard sale and Fire King finds

The next couple of pics are all technically yard sale finds, but they came from a lovely lady who used to own a semi-local antique store. So, much nicer stuff than I tend to find in yard sales. Her store used to be one of my favorites to visit, though I didn't go as often as I might have liked. It was a nice surprise to chat with her again, and to pick up these really neat little items. I paid 8 dollars for everything.

How cool are these price tags?!? I regret to say she had a few more of them that I didn't buy! Foolish me. But at that point, I had grabbed up so many little things and was trying to keep it straight how much I was spending, that I had enlisted my husband to be my hold-everything-while-I-shop boy. Wish now that I'd bought them all, but they must have been meant for someone else's happiness as well :-)
I have to go jumbo-size on this picture because of the details. These woven labels are just the cutest ever. And do they get any better than Anita and Gertrude?! Also, the Made with love for THE BOSS is hilarious. Notice the #1's in the background. Oh so tongue in check. And that owl there is a sewing kit. So sweet. I think it might have had a little pair of scissors in it that aren't there any more, but the rest seems to be intact.

And my final loot from her were these bags of refrigerator magnets. I realized the minute I saw them how much they reminded me of my maternal grandmother's refrigerator, so I had to snap them up.

There's a couple more just waiting for me remember to buy a fresh tube of superglue to reglue the magnets.

And these Fire King finds were all thrift store scores for pretty cheap. I'm always amazed when I find anything in Goodwill anymore that isn't chipped or broken. I've not worked up the nerve to just ask them outright if they're sending all the good stuff to their online store, but I sure have gotten that impression. These Fire King Fleurette teacups were 49 cents, and the tray was 99.
Had to take a picture of my lone Fleurette teacup from the regular dinnerware set. It's definitely bigger than the snack cup, and it lacks the foot on the smaller-sized snack cup.
And finally, I think this is my personal favorite Fire King mug I've ever found. I looked up Lady B's larger sizes just to see if I could find any trace of where this store might have been located, but no luck. I'm guessing this decoration was not at all Anchor Hocking's, but rather, a blank that was sold in bulk to a decorating firm that did advertising decals on glassware. But whatever the case, I superloves it.

That's all for now. Hope your weekend was filled with treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Love that Lady B's mug! I founds some of those price tags recently too. I worked them into my 4th of July decorations and I'll use them at Valentines Day too!