Thursday, August 14, 2014

Turquoise Pyrex paint match

Made a neat discovery the other day while looking for a nice turquoise paint to paint my newly purchased thrift store knick knack shelf.

Valspar Color Radiance paint in Nautical
I've always wanted a paint color that was the same shade (or very close to) solid turquoise Pyrex. I just didn't want to actually take a piece into the store with me and have it color matched.

When I saw this spray paint at Lowe's, I was afraid of getting my hopes up too high that it was what I was looking for. In the store, it struck me as possibly being too green, like it had some pistachio/jadite tones. But when I got home with it I couldn't get over how the paint cap was practically identical to the top on my lone turquoise Kromex canister. 

I also think this paint is neat because it's paint and primer in one and is good on wood, metal and plastic.

Had to get out some of my pretties just to show the colors. Has it ever bugged anyone else that the original solid color turquoise bowls and bakeware are not the same shade of turquoise on Butterprint, or the square hostess chip/dip set?

As much as I love this color, turquoise on turquoise like this doesn't exactly make the display pieces pop. When I get this shelf secured to the wall, I'm thinking about only displaying Butterprint and red & white items so there's more contrast.

Just wanted to share with all the turquoise lovers out there - I think there's many of us!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I bought two cans of that paint the last time I went to Lowes with no idea what I was going to use it for but knowing that I had to have it. It's gorgeous!!


  2. You know, I never really paid attention that they aren't the same colour, lol. But nah, doesn't bother me. Love the colour of paint.

  3. Love the color. Primer and paint in one- I need that!