Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thrift and Antique Store Roundup

Yesterday was the anniversary of my husband & I's first date. He had to work, so we only really had time to rush right in and right back out of a local antique store. We hit the Goodwill, and had dinner at the same place as our first date.

I bought these Colonial Mist casseroles on impulse. They cost too much, but I was feeling both spendy and rushed, so I didn't have the time I'd talk myself out of them like I usually would. I do like them, I just don't like the desperation/willing to overpay mentality that contributed to this purchase. I'm trying to shake any negative vibes off my feelings about them and enjoy them as an anniversary impulse buy.
Today, my husband was off work, so we hit the small town thrift store we recently discovered. There's antique stores along the way, so we stopped at them as well. I found these 3 Snowflake Blue bowls for less than I paid for the Colonial Mist casseroles, so I was very happy.

I only needed the smallest 441 to complete the set I've been piecing together literally the entire time I've been collecting. Funny thing is, I had a spare 442, so now I've got a totally complete set and another that is missing the same 441, so I'm still looking for a duplicate of the exact same piece! Haha. At least I now have a lovely complete set.

I also found a couple of Snowflake Blue Corelle luncheon plates and Centura cups. Inch by inch, I'll have that Corelle set!

My new favorite thrift store had these Arcopal dishes the last time I went, but I didn't buy them. I had this same set in black for a long time. I see the same black version every so often at the thrift, I always comment that I had that set, but never buy. Finally I decided to bite on this white version. It was very cheap, so if I change my mind about it later, I wouldn't feel too bad donating it back.
These were also too cheap to pass up. I think the Ribbon Bouquet Pyrex mugs will look sweet with grey dinnerware saucers.
I found the Charcoal Snowflake Pyrex divided dish at the thrift for 4 dollars. I just picked up a spare divided lid not to long ago, so I was glad to find it. Plus it was a piece I don't have already. The Butterfly Gold casserole I've bought numerous times before - twice for me and probably twice for my mom who collects this pattern, but it was just too nice to pass up for 3.50 from an antique store.
 And a couple more finds. This magazine rack was just a dollar. I LOVE this thrift store.
And finally, this little puppy planter hasn't even been cleaned up yet, but I had to include it. It's crazed all over, but I just couldn't live without it.

Overall, today's finds give me hope for the Spring & Summer to come.

Hope you are finding lovely treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. With how slow it has been in the Pyrex department everywhere, sometimes we just have to buy what we find! My way of thinking is that if I decide down the road that I don't like it, I can always sell it or trade it.

    Love the Snowflake bowls! I rarely see those in person.