Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hazel Atlas

I love Hazel Atlas glass! I don't have the huge collection of it like I do my Pyrex, but I really love what I have. I just don't see it very often. In fact, I was surprised to see I only have 8 HA mixing bowls, half of which I only recently purchased. 
Both of the patterns on the left (the turquoise Kitchen Aids/Utensils and red Candy Stripe) are also full dinnerware patterns.

I have a lone mixing bowl and some of the glasses. The glasses I bought as a set of 8, for basically a dollar apiece, but 5 of them are dishwasher damaged. I still thought it was a good price just for the 3 undamaged ones.
This Ivy pattern was a decoration used on a wide range of items. I suspect it was used a lot for promotional items. The little glass once contained sour cream.
These adorable little milk pitchers were a Kix cereal promotion. Kitchenware author C. Dianne Zweig talks about them here.

 The apple and strawberry jars are also reported to be a Kix cereal promotion from the early 1930's.
Hazel Atlas Ripple and a very small amount of Macbeth Evans American Sweetheart in Monax (the forerunner to opal Pyrex)
Finally, my favorite Hazel Atlas - Pink and Turquoise Ripple.

This set is more popularly known as Crinoline, but it's listed in my Hazel Atlas book as Ripple, owing to the discovery of original factory boxes.

I lucked into a 30 piece set of the turquoise all at once, and am really glad I ended up buying them. My pink collection is much smaller, pieced together one at at time, except one lucky time I bought 6 dinner plates together for $15.


As for the company itself, here's a good history of its appearance before the United States Supreme Court, and ultimately its assimilation into Continental Can Company and Brockway Glass.


  1. Lovely Hazel Atlas collections!!! I hope to find that strawberry bowl one day!!

    1. I have some if your interested. I also have the apple jars. Several of each in very good condition. May contact me at

  2. Sweet little ivy glass to go with the bowl, I have that bowl, I don't think I use it often enough.

    I like the stripe bowl, I found six of the glasses, in various colour stripes and the ice bucket at a yard sale last summer, it was probably the best yard sale fimd last summer!!

  3. I love Hazel Atlas and get giddy whenever I find something marked HA on the bottom! I have lots of glassware and a full set of those Ivy bowls. I would love to find some of the strawberry ones.

    Very interesting about those apples being promotions. I can't tell you how many times I have passed those up at estate sales. I knew that they were HA but for whatever reason, they just never appealed to me. That may have to change...

    Have an awesome weekend!


  4. I also love HA. For years I wanted one of those apple jam jars and I never would buy one because I didn't want to pay the prices in the antique stores. I finally found one in beautiful condition about 3 months ago for $2.00. I love the milk pitchers. So cute. I will need to keep my eyes peeled for those!