Friday, May 17, 2013

Junk Heaven!

The Pyrex UFO has landed. And she's a BEAUTY!
My book - Pyrex by Corning: A Collector's Guide by Rogove, Steinhauer - dates this piece to 1956. Other information I've found has called it the first promotional Pyrex piece. Either way, it's a real beauty, and one of the rare instances that the cradle & lid are a major, major factor in its value. The turquoise 024 casserole was sold by itself, so finding a replacement for it isn't a major difficulty, but finding this particular cradle and lid is another story. I can't find another one that has sold recently, leading me to believe I've found a pretty uncommon piece. Whether it's rare or not, I love it because it's beautiful. WHOO-HOO!

This is my total Pyrex haul from yard sales this year. And the bad thing is, I'm probably keeping it all for myself. I've seen a lot of Pyrex in yard sales the last little while, and all the sellers seem to want a blue fortune for it. My favorite purchases (besides the UFO on the right) are the 3 round casseroles in the very center of this pic. They came from an older man who had the most reasonable prices of the day of anybody - 11 dollars for the 3 pieces, 2 lids. I'd pay him those prices over thrift stores any day!
Lustroware canisters! In Red! Awesomeness!

Funny thing is, I had these in yellow and I sold them. Along with a few other Lustroware goodies, and told myself that was the end of that. But these big, red, beautiful boxes were frankly, kinda cheap for what they are. And in excellent condition. I'd say the next notch down from being completely unused. So literally, the very first time I've seen them in person, in Red, they are a price I'd be a fool not to buy. So, more Lustroware!
 And of course, no swearing off of aging Mid-Century plastics would be complete without buying yet more! This salad set is Steri-Lite. As in, the very same company any old plastic item bought from Walmart has a good chance of being. But this is OLD Steri-Lite, with a cursive logo and atomic styling. Only the bowls are marked, but there's salad sets on ebay that confirm the rest of this set goes together. More plastic I won't use but can't bear to part with!
And finally, friends, this is a vintage Fiesta mixing bowl in original yellow. The second-to-largest size, a number 6. It has a chip around the rim, but I picked it up for 5 dollars. Oh yes! I love vintage Fiesta mixing bowls, and I'll take them in any condition.

I have 9 bowls now, but no complete set yet. Missing the largest #7. And like the detail wonk I tend to be, I've noticed a variation that is driving me crazy! Of my early 'inside rings' bowls, there is a difference. I'll try to photograph it and blog it in my detail later, and just describe it now. In some, the rings are evenly spaced apart, and in others, it's a cluster of rings with more open space inside and outside. These variations don't fit together!

I'm a stickler for details like this. The Fiesta books speak of the two variations in mixing bowls, but not 3. I can prove their is 3! Lol!

I'll get wonky and post pics of the bowls soon!

Hope you're finding thrifty treats & treasures!

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