Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday shopping extravaganza!

Sagaform teapot
My husband bought me this loverly new Sagaform teapot for my birthday. I'm not entirely sure how I discovered Sagaform, but I really like many of their designs. This one is appropriately called "Retro". Some of the others I like a lot are "Season" & "Blossom". This Scandinavian firm puts the name of the designer right on the dish, reminiscent to me of vintage designs by Eva Zeisel or Ben Seibel for firms such as Mikasa, Iroquois, Red Wing, etc.

But as usual, this birthday was all about the Pyrex.

Let me just say, Pyrex prices have just about doubled from when I first started collecting. And I'd say the supply is somewhere around half what it used to be too, even with blood-thirsty (and sometimes incredibly greedy) dealers in hot pursuit of it for their booths.

I paid an arm and a leg for the turquoise 402 bowl. But I was looking for that exact one to nest in between the smaller and larger bowls I already had. So that completes a 3 bowl set. I'd be very glad to find a large turquoise 404 bowl, but I'll live if I don't find one soon.

The big red 404 is only the second time I've ever spotted it. First time, I didn't buy it, because it was scratchy and they still wanted 30 bucks for it. This time, it was very shiny, only minimally scratched, and a much more tolerable 14 dollars.

The little blue completes a primary set. I won't even tell you how many primary sets I have. You'd put me away. I've sold one, and I'll probably sell another one or two when the mood strikes. But yeah, I'd say I have a problem, lol. Oh, and that big yellow 404 there, guess that's the beginning of a new set......;-)

And that poor pink. Maybe you can't tell, but it's dishwashed. Very, very dishwashed. But it was 4 bucks. I picked it up for my mom, who adores pink pyrex, but never steps foot in an antique store. She's a little rough on her dishes, and this is one I won't be too heartbroken if I see it being used as a cat dish.

And that plate is lilac Fiesta! My second one. I thought my first one was a way good deal at 10 bucks, but this one was the interesting price of $4.29. It's in similar shape too, it still looks good, but has totally been used, so in to regular rotation it goes. Yay!
 And again with the dishwashed bowls. That orange dot bowl should be a lot more orange. But it was appropriately priced at 5 bucks. It's a totally acceptable placeholder bowl for my set until I can find a nice, shiny one (which may or may not happen soon, with my luck). I still need the largest 404 green dots bowl. It's the big one, sold separately, that sells for a minor fortune on ebay. Yuck.

These are all duplicates for me. My husband say's I have "a sickness for Butterprint" - and yes, he actually uses the correct pattern name. I needed one little fridgie dish to complete *another* set, but there were these other two sitting right there. Just sitting there, saying "Buy me. You know you want to."

So, sickness it is.

Oh, and you know what else is sick? How about 200 dollars for 3 pink Pyrex bowls? The 3 smallest. Not even the somewhat harder to find 404. Remember what I just said about greedy, blood-thirsty dealers?

And sadly, this was the first time I'd seen those bowls in the wild in all this time. I think at that moment my husband was actually glad I'd broke down and bought them online.

Also saw my first two Cathrineholm items same day. Both "Lotus" pattern. A large tan mixing bowl for 45 dollars, and a Verde-colored coffee pot for 88. At those prices, I don't think any Cathrineholm is in my future. But I'd be all over it at the thrift store!

If I feel froggy, I'll make another post about the cool things my hubby found (and won't post about, because he's a LAME-O).

All in all, great birthday!

Hope you're finding cool treasures!


  1. So love your dishing blogs. Really enjoyed this one, i have a 4 piece set of Pyrex bowls in the prmary colors. i always had the smallest in turquoise (Mom's) n had to completevthe set wheni sumbled scross the 3rd sive up in green at a GW. Next the 2nd size up in red, then the largest in yellow, both from two different flea markets. Since I have limited space n primarily collect Fiesta, I stopped there with that set. I can see why you love to collect the Pyrex they are all either fun looking or beautiful. But importantly they are funtional. Happy belated birthday. :-)

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! And thanks for commenting. It makes my day! As for collecting, I have a lot more Pyrex than Fiesta, though I love them both. And I totally know what you mean about space constraints - my Fiesta (both vintage & new P86)is all in the kitchen. But the Pyrex collection no longer fits in the kitchen. It's basically my office decor, lol. Two kitchen/garage style shelves worth. I know I'll end up posting a picture of it one of these days.

      Thanks again for commenting, Krazkat!