Friday, November 9, 2012

Thrift & Antique Store Round up

The thrifts seem sparse to me lately. Which is why I was pretty surprised to find this jadite mixing bowl. Unmarked, but attributed to Jeannette. Has some inner rim roughness, but otherwise in good condition.

The long stirring spoons are Tupperware. I had a whole set of these that I sold - glasses, spoons & carrier. I believe it was called a Carousel Caddy. Oh, my love of old Tupperware. Especially this "Millionaire Line" stuff in pastel colors. I'm sorely tempted to keep these myself, but these will most be sold as well.
 And this little pig guy here just sweetened my day. It's marked Japan & is probably a 50's or 60's piece, just going by the looks of him. My grandmother had a soft spot for these planters, a soft spot that apparently is rubbing off on me. :-)

Next up, a round Glasbake casserole, unmarked milk glass February mug and a square Glasbake Lipton mug.
 I'd never seen this Glasbake pattern before. Here's a closer look.
I think one of the things that keeps me collecting Glasbake is that it's like Pyrex but so much information remains undiscovered. I'm trying to stay away from the green patterns that I see pretty frequently and stick with more unusual or uncommon ones. Also, at 2 dollars, Glasbake is cheap compared to how Pyrex is being priced these days.

And finally, my antique store finds. Each one of these were 12 dollars apiece.
My first "Friendship" mixing bowl - Yay! A Pyrex 024 sized promotional piece dubbed "Berries" that matches my Sandalwood pieces! And a replacement 503 fridgie dish. My original one has a bit of dishwasher damage. It's one of the very first pieces of Pyrex I ever bought, and one of the first things I ever blogged about here.

You'd think it was also a Friendship piece, especially with the red & orange bowl sitting right on top of it. But no, it's actually from another line called "Daisy". Also sometimes referred to as Citrus. Either way, it's a nice pop of color that looks great with my turquoise Butterprint pieces too!

Hope you're finding thrifty treasures!

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