Monday, November 26, 2012

Another complete set

Yesterday the hubs and I hit up the local flea market, where I finally found the smallest bowl from this yellow & black version of "Gooseberry" Pyrex.

The largest three where a surprise Valentine's Day present two Valentine's Days ago and I've been hunting this smallest bowl ever since. Very glad to have it completed now!

And if you've ever wondered what I'm using in these photos to prop up the bowls, here's a snapshot:
Two of the smaller sized 5" Fiesta rice bowls (a Dillard's exclusive), and a Fiesta Bullion bowl/cup. I love Pyrex and Fiesta together!
And finally, my other finds of the day. This cream & burgundy "Trailing Flowers" Pyrex casserole is called a Bake 'N Carry. Originally, it came with a lid and a cloth cozy to keep the contents warm - and portable, too. There's another one of these that is smaller and the color scheme is exactly reversed.

This wasn't a pattern that was on my wishlist exactly, but at 6.50 it was in too nice of a piece to pass up.

The mixing bowl here is unmarked, but I'm certain it's Glasbake. I don't know an official name for this pattern, but I'm going to say "Blue Onion" because of its resemblance to so many china patterns of that same name and style. It was a thrift store find, 2.99. I don't love the pattern, but it's my very first Glasbake mixing bowl, so I'm happy to have it.

Hope you're finding thrifty treasures & treats!

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