Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Medium Green (!) Fiesta teacup, vintage Chartreuse plate, Fire King Tulip Pepper shaker, vintage Cobalt Fiesta relish tray center! Excitement!!Whoo!!Happy Dance!!! Guess this means I'm working on a relish tray now, huh?!
Oh happy day! I LOVE finding amazing deals in unexpected places. These came from a slightly out-of-the-way antique store we don't usually stop at. It was my husband's idea, and Boy am I glad he suggested stopping in!

First find was the Fire King Tulip shaker. 12 bucks. Oh yes. Happy, Happy. Am I a terribly greedy person that I already have the S&P set in this pattern but still want to buy every one of these I see?  Although I never actually saw it as a child, my mom tells me that my grandmother had this range set. So I think of this as her pattern & any piece of it that turns up in my price range, I'll happily take it.
The original 11 Fiesta colors!
And I was just telling the hubs that the only vintage Fiesta colors I didn't have a single piece of was Chartreuse & Medium Green - both desirable and pricier colors. I have to use a few Carnival teacups (a Homer Laughlin line) as stand-ins, but this is all 11 vintage colors. Yay!
Playing around with the other colors I have - Harlequin yellow (foreground saucer left), P86 Yellow (foreground saucer right). Teapots in back are Peacock, discontinued Seamist, & Scarlet.

And finally, these are all the greens I have an example of: Seamist teapot, vintage Chartreuse plate, Forest Green Carnival cup (left), original Green Carnival cup (right), Medium Green Fiesta teacup (middle). I've been wracking my brain trying to think of the other greens I do not have. Right off, I can think of Turf Green (ironstone), the limited edition Chartreuse, Evergreen, Lemongrass. Have I missed any??

Happy Day! Hope you're having a Great Weekend!

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