Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday Bonanza!

Birthday loot!
Yesterday was my birthday. I'm older than I'll admit to. And I spent more money than I'll admit to. I'll give you this much: I'm less than a hundred years old and I spent less than a hundred bucks. The rest will ever remain a mystery :-)

First up, my birthday goodies. No beautiful pink Pyrex mixing bowl set waiting for me, boohoo. But I can't despair too much. I found some lovely Fire King that I did not have, and I was thrilled to get it.

The red dots shaker is just a single. No matching pepper shaker, but it at least came with a lid. I saw this shaker on Valentine's Day when we were at this antique mall the last time but I thought it was priced too high. This time I decided I was going to spring for it - a birthday splurge.

The Apples & Cherries Fire King bowl is the largest 4 quart - an unwieldy 9 1/2 inches bowl. But it's beautiful. And in beautiful condition, too! I have a grease jar in this pattern, but no other pieces.

Here's my trio of Fire King salt shakers. I only have the pepper shaker (not shown) in the Tulip pattern.

Fire King salt shakers - Red Dots, Tulip & Kitchen Aids

Cobalt Fiesta - Vintage Cobalt on the left (carafe & sauce boat), P86 Cobalt right (teapot & ramekin)

This vintage Fiesta cobalt carafe was 25 bucks - which I thought was a bargain. Like most of my vintage pieces, it's got a few issues. For one, it's missing its lid - a not uncommon issue with carafes - and some manufacturers defects. No chips though. I'm wondering if I got a good deal because of how hard it can be to tell vintage colors from current? I'm still a bit of a newbie to Fiesta, vintage or otherwise, so I love when I see color comparison photos, so I thought I'd take a photo of my own here.

I had a great birthday. Lots of great goodies & had a wonderful day!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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