Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to find out more about J.S.N.Y.

As you may have guessed at some point from either my blog name or the items I've written about, I primarily collect American made vintage kitchen items. High quality, abundant, good ole Made in the USA.

Well, these items are about as far from that as possible. They are basically the very definition of cheap 1980's import goods.

But still, I couldn't stop myself from being charmed by them! Over a period of time, I've picked these items up very, very cheaply from thrift stores. I've been surprised by the range of items. I never intended to collect these, but that's how it always starts, isn't it? ;-)
I forget which one of these lead me to researching J.S.N.Y. (The mug, I believe.) Most of these items are not marked in a way that is easily describable. I'd bought two different tile trivet sets before I came across one this one that's marked 1984. I was surprised. From the style, would have guessed these as being older.This is what I've been able to gather about J.S.N.Y. It's a import novelty company (Etna Products Co. of NY), filed in 1975 by Jeffrey Snyder. J.S.N.Y = Jeffrey Snyder New York. Clever, yes?

Unfortunately, I have no other information to report beyond this here
And finally, I noticed that the 1 lonely plastic duck measuring cup I have is also a J.S.N.Y item. I believe it is actually a nesting set of 4 measuring cups (mine here is the 1/2 cup). I have no idea if it's actually related to the duck from the tiles, but they sure look like they are at least cousins.

This is what I've found so far. Do you have any cute, cool, or otherwise nifty J.S.N.Y items to show off?

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  1. Hello from Finland.
    I was searching information of J.S.N.Y. and found your page that way.I just managed to get in my hands mechanical watch from mid 70s.In middle of dial is Jeesus Christ holding lamb in his arms.Around dial is names of all evangelists.Back side in middle od lid is cross and also letters J.S.N.Y.Quite different compared to items you have.