Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dish and vinyl roundup

Wouldn'tcha know it, I finally have some finds to post about and my camera batteries decide to die after two pictures? (I still haven't updated to this millennium with all the cellular phones and pixel cameras and whatnots.)


 Other than the bargain ivory Fiesta teacup, the Pyrex pieces were both splurges and duplicates, but having used the Butterprint butterdish for a while, I've got to say, having butterfingers is no joke. I've come close to dropping it enough times that I'd switched it out for the Snowflake blue one I had two of in case I really did break it. Now I can switch it back to Butterprint with impunity.

I also picked up a large round red edged enamelware bowl with just enough wear and damage that I can use it in the garden without feeling like I'm messing it up. I like enamelware, and I've seen many nice pieces of it pop up recently, but with prices that seem like a collector trying to cash out of a long-held collection.

Frankly, I'm too broke for that. Right now what I will buy is cute, cheap and useful. I hope this year I get to go yardsaleing and find some cheap and cheerful pieces!

And not dishes, or even thrift store finds, the local used bookstore yielded more surprisingly good records for decent prices. (And free, really, because we were still using a Christmas giftcard, so all the better!)

Cure vinyl! Squeee. These are the original issues from 1980-81. Makes me wonder if someone bought the 180 gram reissues and decided to trade in their originals.

And in the total opposite end, my husband found a Jane Fonda workout record for me for 50 cents in the local antique store. My favorite workout, too - Prime Time (also known as Easy Going). Lots of times I just use it for the 20 minutes of stretching before it goes into the aerobics. I still get my heart rate up just doing the stretching. I haven't listened to the record yet, but it it's like the video, I can probably do all the stretches by heart now.

I also loaded up with collectors books I didn't get a picture of. An early Huxford's Fiesta book, kitchen bakelite, Depression glass and kitchen glass collectibles. All for less than ten bucks trade credit, so I was a happy girl. One thing I've noticed about the collectors books is that it really can pay off to have each edition made, even if its up to edition 10 because the authors add and remove information in each edition. I've especially noticed that earlier editions tend to have more original advertising and dealer catalogs, whereas newer editions tend to add more and more patterns with less details about them.

Anyways, that's my finds for now. Hope you're finding neat stuff!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. (Sorry for the previous delete in an older post, thought I'd post this on something a little more recent).

    Hi, fellow Pyrex and glass obsessive here! I just signed a lease with an antique mall, so I've been thrifting nonstop. Do you (or anybody you know of) know anything about vintage glass? I found a teacup that I can't seem to get any info on.

    It's the second last piece on here:

    Also, solid score on The Cure vinyls.