Sunday, August 9, 2015

127 yardsale - Pyrex

This was our second year checking out the deals on the 127 yard sale, but it was the first time we had the time off to do more than one day.

We headed out on Thursday, the first official day, and got absolutely poured on! Many of the vendors closed up on account of rain. But I'm glad we slogged though (my tennis shoes are still wet!), because I'm sure I wouldn't have found this beauty by Friday:

First time I've ever seen the white rimmed blue Americana. When I picked it up and saw the 10 dollar price tag I was elated.

And the ladies we bought the blue bowl from also sold me this 3-bowl Woodland set and two other bowls. That green Spring Blossom II bowl completes my set. My husband also bought a 1987 Michael Jordan cardboard standup. Thankfully the rain let up long enough for us to get it in the truck. It's rare enough these days my husband and I both find things we want, but to find them in the same sale is pretty rare.

More cheap Pyrex! The delphite blue completes my chip and dip set, minus the ever-lovin' bracket that is almost never with them.

I had a few 'grails' in mind to add to my collection, one of which is Hazel Atlas pink ripple, in practically any piece. I did find a single bowl and also a solid white one. Trying to hunt down the pink piece by piece reminds me of just how lucky I was to pretty much an entire set of turquoise all at once.

The turquoise Pyrex pieces are pretty much all the turquoise I saw along the way. They were not super cheap, but not terribly priced, either. The pink and green Vitrock pieces are duplicates for me but they were also cheap and cheerful roadside finds.

All of these items except the Corning Ware were all super cheap bundle price deals, probably a quarter apiece, I'd say.  I was happy to find a Spring Blossom soup plate - wish there had been two! And the Heather Corningware is one of the only times I've ever seen that pattern or shape. It was a thrift store find along the way, and my husband found records for 10 cents apiece there as well, so we were glad we made the detour.

I have lots more finds for another post. And I'm exhausted!

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures.

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I wonder why the brackets are always missing? I used to have the Golden Grapes set including the bracket. I sold it about a year ago but kept the bracket! Those suckers are super hard to find.

    You found some awesome stuff. We don't have a sale like that around where I live.

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. Great finds! I haven't done the 127 yard sale in a few years now but always found some great things for sure!

  3. Hey there, like your blog. I have the grape chip and dip too...without the bracket. The plus is I acquired the two bowls for about 50 cents. :)


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