Saturday, July 18, 2015

Antique store finds

Hubs and I decided to go impulse shopping the other day to one of our only-once-in-while antique store shopping destinations.

I picked up these duplicates because I hoard all the pink I can afford. This 402 bowl bridged two of my other bowls together, so now I have another pink bowl set.

And as for the space saver, I'm probably under the influence of the quantum leap in prices that SS seem to command these days. So if I find one with a lid in a pattern I like, priced for less than the going rates these days, I'm probably going to buy it. Just wish it had been the larger size one I'm still missing.

I might be silly for picking up this jadeite grease jar as well. It has a crack in it and the wrong lid, but I thought it'd display nicely with my shakers so I picked it up. And my cheap and cheerful find was an instruction manual for a 1970's era Sunbeam stand mixer that I paid a whopping thirty cents for in a going out of business booth.

This lovely daisy casserole doesn't have a lid, and this friendship lid has no base, but you never know when you'll find the missing pieces. I sure would love an opal lid for the daisy piece. I have it with the clear decorated lid, I'd like to have both versions.

More cheap and cheerful finds. The Pyrex was just a few dollars each and so was the little dots glass. My dots glasses collection is coming along nicely!

And finally, I bought a blue lotus plate at the flea market for two dollars, then turned around and bought a complete set of four at an antique store. I am one bowl away from having an even dozen of these snack sets.

I collected this pastel vitrock before I ever bought my boxful of LuRay pastels, so it hadn't ever occurred to me that they are the same colors. These dovetail quite nicely with LuRay, especially since the Anchor Hocking pieces are mostly serving and accessory, and the LuRay being the dinner service itself. I know that Anchor Hocking made lots of go-alongs for Fiesta, so it would certainly make sense for them to also make go-alongs for the popular pastel rival LuRay.

Had to use the flash to get a picture in my dark house.

Oh, and I also picked up this magazine on the way out of an antique store. This is the July 6, 2015 issue. I believe you can read this article online on but I think you have to sign up to access it.

Hope you're finding fabulous treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. That larger snowflake SS is super elusive for me too!! But I totally agree with your logic about buying them if they are a good price. I bought my 4th pink scroll last weekend!

    That Jadeite grease jar would make a great little vase!