Thursday, March 19, 2015

Date-iversary finds

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our first date. We ate at the same restaurant we did that day. The food is just as good, just 10 dollars more expensive for basically the same thing. And instead of hitting a bookstore like we originally did, we went antique store and thrift store shopping. What can I say, we are just exciting folks. Lol :-)

First off, I added to my vintage clock collection. These will someday soon be the decoration above my Pyrex cabinet. I finally bought my turquoise paint (a story for another day), and when I get it all shined up, I'll post it here.

The white Seth Thomas was very cheap and non-working, but the red GE says that it is (I haven't plugged it in yet). It is identical to my turquoise one. A quick google search leads me to see there is also a yellow version. But I really wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a pink one and at least one shade of green. Everything from clocks to syrups to canister sets seems to be available in that 1950's rainbow of pink, turquoise, red, yellow, and either primary or jadite green. And of course, I want them all! :-)

My thrift store finds for the day - a Heartland casserole, large glass, and a crazy daisy Spring Blossom green cereal bowl. The Heartland items came from two different thrifts. This pattern must have been absolutely everywhere, because I see at least one piece of it most times I go thrifting. I no longer buy any basic place setting pieces because I already have WAY too many. I only buy things I haven't seen before or passed up because of price.

I picked up the smaller pink and white boomerang glasses for two dollars apiece at an antique store. I've had the solid pink and turquoise glasses for a while, just wanted to show the height difference. And now I can conclusively say this is a Hazel Atlas pattern. Only two of the smaller glasses have the mark (all the rest of my glasses have only a mold/batch number).

I had it in mind to pair these with my pink and turquoise Ripple dishes, which seems even more appropriate now that I know the glasses are Hazel Atlas as well. There seem to be other colors in this pattern that I think would blend beautifully with the Anchor Hocking pastel vitrock pieces I collect, so I'd love to dovetail this glassware pattern in with something else I collect.

My only Pyrex for the day. And they were expensive - more so than I'd care to admit to on this blog.
But I'm only one large opal lid away from completing the 470 round casseroles in all-opal. The total Pyrex hoarder in me wants the whole run in opal to display and clear decorated to use. I feel the same way about Daisy. I just rarely find either pattern in the wild, so it's been a matter of using what I have or not at all.

We've had a small, nice run of warmer weather lately. Estate sales and yard sale seem to be trickling back into possibility. I'm already dreaming of the major yard sales coming in the next few months, and some birthday shopping to do as well. I'm ready to go junk!

Hope you're finding lots of neat goodies!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love the red and white clock! Would look great with my Pyrex I am sure it will look amazing with yours!

  2. I must find some of those Boomerang glasses!