Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lucky Day

This week the husbie & I flew the coop and headed out of state to some of our favorite once-in-a-while antique stores - a treat we usually save for birthdays and anniversaries - but we had some steam to blow off, so we headed out of town.

Hate to say it, but it was pretty much a complete letdown. I bought a few piece of Butterfly Gold Corelle at a thrift stop along the way, but I've posted my random BFG Corelle finds so many times before on this blog it feels like that's all I ever post about. And bad thing is, in my area, the thrifts are so bad, that's really as exciting as it gets.

Here's my two antique store finds:

First up, this Pyrex dinnerware cream and sugar are the first I've had the chance to buy that A) had the lid and B) weren't the gold leaf that I don't collect.

The shop owner I bought these from gave me a case of the warm fuzzies by telling me that these belonged to his in-laws who, according to him, bought these in the 50's. But then he had to unwrap them to find the price sticker he didn't remove first and proceeded to tell me how he gets "their junk pawned off onto him to sell" and that if he didn't save the tag they'd accuse him of giving them less money than they thought they'd priced the item at.

People are funny creatures, tell you what.

Next up, I paid a small fortune for these, but they go with my set. The booth I bought these in had more turquoise ripple and some pink, but each piece was between $12 - 20. I'm one placesetting short of service for 8. If they hadn't been so high, I'd have finished out my set. But for now I'm going to say 7 is my lucky number and leave it at that :-)

But speaking of luck, today I meant to stay home and clean house. But it hit high noon and I decided I really, really wanted to go to the flea market. My husband must have been in the same mood, because he didn't question it at all. In fact, when we stopped to get gas, he spontaneously bought two scratch off lottery tickets - one for me and one for him - and they both won!

I won two whole dollars and he won 5, but hey, winning is still winning, right?! :-)

So we go to one of my favorite antique stores along the way and I find the missing solid blue bowl from my Horizon Blue bowl set and a spare of the smallest size.

So my set that my husband bought me for Christmas is now complete, plus a couple of spares. I really love this pattern, it's definitely a fave.
I also picked up this bowl, a 403. I believe that it is the right bowl for the Reverse Primary set that replaced the ubiquitous original Primary set sometime in 1969. If so, all I need now to complete that set is the purpley-blue colored smallest 401 bowl.
And finally, at the flea market I picked these up. This largest 444 is part of the all turquoise-on-white version of Butterprint. As far as standard Butterprint pieces go, I think all I need now is the special 442 that matches this to make this set. I still don't have any pink Butterprint and my orange bowl set isn't finished, but at least I'm really close at finishing up the standard turquoise version.

So I ended up spending every penny today that I didn't spend the other day when I didn't find much. Funny how that works out. I am still surprised when I ever find pieces I don't have and still want. Sometimes it's seems like it's months in between that happening, then all at once I have a day like today and find several all at once.

Hope you're finding great stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Finding that Butterprint 444 was super lucky! I have the whole set but had to buy the largest online. It's one of my favorites :-)


  2. Lucky and awesome finds!
    I saw a link to your blog on facebook so here I am where I noticed that you follow my blog. Small world. :)
    I love forward to reading your past and future posts.

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