Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thrifty Fifty

 All these came from antique stores, but I stayed under a 50 dollar budget - which is pretty cheap considering that one of my finds was Jadeite!
 These are Fire King shakers. The lids are pretty roached, but I'm still very pleased to have them. Half the shakers I come across these days are either significantly overpriced or are missing their lids altogether.

Next up, the little 401 Pyrex Butterprint bowl was just what I needed to make this a 3 bowl set. There is still a larger bowl - a 404. I saw one for sale the same day, but they had $37.50 on it. Gulp!
 And finally, the little lidless Pyrex Butterfly Gold refrigerator dish was in a half-off booth and cost 3 bucks. It completed my Butterfly Gold refrigerator dish set. Which, technically, really shouldn't be mine. This is my mom's pattern and I buy it for her whenever I see something she doesn't have. I gave her these refrigerator dishes, but never saw her use them. In her words "I like the round ones better" - meaning the 470 series casseroles. And since these were fridgies (which I love) and she never used them, I took them back and started trying to complete the set for myself.

Oh well, at least when I look at them, they remind me of my mom, so that's all good :-)
Pyrex Butterfly Gold refrigerator dish set
And in the Holy Random Moments, Batman category today, my husband and I were offered to buy an antique store. Or possible management/partnership. Crazy stuff! And way, way, way out of my league. Either I should be utterly flattered or I should be half expecting a nice antique store around here to be going out of business or under new management soon.

Hope you're finding nifty thrifty treasures!

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