Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taste the Rainbow

Think I have enough Pyrex 024 casseroles? Lol! What's worse is that I probably don't have even half of all the colors & patterns that were made in this shape!

The newest one here is on the bottom. It's a mustard color I've seen before, but wouldn't pay an antique store price for. But tonight, the hubs found it for me at the thrift, so even though it scratched and a bit pricey, it came home with us.

Tonight was Pyrex night. In addition to the mustard 024, I found a duplicate lime green 024, and an opal divided dish. It came with a lid for a standard 045 that I've already put with another dish. I cannot remember a time in the last year that I've even so much as seen 3 pieces of Pyrex at the thrift, much less bought 3 pieces.

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